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Mr. Ray (known as Mr. Bertrand in the online book) is the moderator of after-school detention at Larry Mack Junior Middle School. He appears in The Last Straw before making a resurgence a decade later in Big Shot.


The Last Straw[]

Greg Heffley falls asleep during sixth period and Mr. Watson vibrates him in order to get him to wake up. As a punishment, Mr. Watson forces Greg to sit in the forefront of the room which Greg didn't mind as he could still sleep carelessly in peace. Unfortunately, no one decides wakes Greg up at the end of sixth period and Mrs. Lowry obliges him to an after-school detention the next day with Mr. Ray.[1] Greg enters the room with his first impression being that he didn't belong with these future criminals. Greg instantly recognised someone behind the only vacant seat: Leon Ricket, a troublemaker who ended up in detention for swinging his desk at a window when a wasp landed on it.

Leon Ricket being caught by Mr

Leon Ricket after agreeing not to slap Greg again

Mr. Ray mostly kept eye to eye on everyone during detention but whenever he averted, Leon would flick Greg's ear or give him a wet willie. Eventually he got incautious and Mr. Ray caught him. Mr. Ray told him if he continued there would be big consequences but Greg knew however that Leon would prevail without Mr. Ray noticing so he decided to take action into his own hands. When Mr. Ray turned his back, Greg struck his hands to make it appear that Leon hit him. This earned Leon another half hour and day of detention while Greg headed off scot free.[2]


The students not dancing during valentines day

During Valentines Day, students had to pay an admission of two bucks to take part in the Valentine's Day Dance and if they didn't want to they had to head down to Mr. Ray's room for study hall which was pretty apparent to be the exact same idea as detention. During the course of the Valentines Dance, nobody moved a muscle so Mrs. Mancy made it required to dance; when that occurred Greg and few other kids tried to slink out to Mr. Ray's room but a few of the teachers noticed and blocked the exits.[3]

Big Shot[]


The team Greg is most anxious about for Field Day is Mr. Ray's as it's the morning detention homeroom and he figures that they are gonna play dirty.[4] Greg's prediction ends up becoming correct as before Field Day, Mr. Ray gives Jesse Range detention on purpose just so he could steal him for his team.[5] During the event, Mr. Ray's team cheated a lot to the shock of no one. They deposited their water balloons in the freezer and only got caught when George Ralston stunned Mikey Ardalla with a shoddy shot in the balloon toss.[6]




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