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Mr. Rask is a Science teacher at Larry Mack Junior Middle School who appears in No Brainer.

During the first half of the year, Mr. Rask attempted to teach science normally but after his students got bored with the subject, he switched to talking about gross topics which effectively engaged them. Greg wishes he didn't learn about any of the gross subjects in his classes as ever since he viewed a video about microscopic parasites living in human skin, he can't stop itching.[1]

After Mr. Bottoms, the former principal comes back to to administer the school, a lot of classes become a lot more serious such as Mr. Rask's which isn't educating about gross topics anymore. However, Greg states that this doesn't mean that what they're studying isn't repulsive as Mr. Rask just announced a dissection unit on tapeworms.[2]

During a Science exam, Damon Fell ends up getting busted by Mr. Rask for looking up the correct answers on his phone when he receives a notification.[3] After Mr. Rask makes his hall pass a model of the human skeleton, Greg refrains from going to the bathroom during his classes due to the situation being embarrassing.[4] When the local prison gets to manufacture the school's furniture, one of the inmates sketches out an escape plan onto Mr. Rask's desk which the school has to paint over.[5]




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