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Mr. Larocca is a neighbor of the Heffley family on Surrey Street who works on night shifts at a hospital. He appears in Wrecking Ball.

Mr. Larocca is an adult man that wears black pants, white shoes, a collared shirt, with a long nose, a shaved mustache, and eyebrows attached. He appeared first in Wrecking Ball, where Greg gets stuck at the top of the Heffley home roof.

Greg tries to get help by throwing sludge right in front of his mower, but it lands on the mower instead. Mr. Larocca tried to find where the attack was coming from.[1] He later appears when Greg was taking out the trash on a windy night, he tried emptying and lifting the garbage can, making it fall and the trash inside went flying in different directions. Greg cleans the bushes of his house, but Mr. Larocca was ready to go to the hospital, thinking that Greg was toilet papering his bushes, and told his parents.

Due to taking a long time with Greg trying to explain to his parents and Mr. Larocca that he did not threw toilet paper at his bushes, Greg does badly on the test he had the next day at school.[2] He also complained that the builders were making too much noise since he has a night shift at a hospital and sleeps during the morning.[3]




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