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Mr. Ira (known as Mr. Beardo in the online book) is a geography teacher and the faculty member that runs the school newspaper. He appears in Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Right before a geography quiz, Patty Farrell tells him that he should cover up the United States map in the back of the class, which he does, thanking Patty for the suggestion. As a result, Greg Heffley fails the quiz, as he'd been depending on the map to get him through.[1][2]

He is also made fun of in a newspaper comic submission, “Dumb Teachers” from a boy named Bill Tritt, which depicts him pooping his pants. While Greg was in his office, he took a look at other submissions and hides a few potential candidates under Mr. Ira's pile of paperwork.

After choosing Greg's comic, he tells him that he made some minor edits to one of his strips, though in reality he drastically altered it to the point of being unrecognizable, using his comic to advertise the library, which Greg doesn't find out until the comic runs in the paper.[3]

When Mr. Ira refused to change Greg's comic back to what it was, Greg resigns from his cartoonist position in protest.

When Rowley Jefferson's comic is picked as a replacement after Greg resigns from his cartoonist position, Greg notes that he didn't change a word of Rowley's strip.[4]




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