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Mr. Gupta is the father of Chirag Gupta and the husband of Mrs. Gupta who first appeared in the online book. He is shown to be quite tall with glasses and a mustache and is somewhat similar in appearance to Dr. Salazar Kagan.


Rodrick Rules[]

He calls Susan Heffley and tells her that Greg was the ringleader of the invisible Chirag joke. As a result, Susan drives to Mr. Gupta's house and forces Greg to apologize to Chirag Gupta. [1]

No Brainer[]

At the PTA auction, Mr. Gupta bids three bucks to eat lunch with a janitor due to nobody else raising up their paddle.[2]

Rodrick Rules (2011 film)[]

Fregley asks Chirag if his dad could bring back a cobra, so he could dance with it. He would make an appearance in Plainview's Most Talented sitting above Susan. [3]


In the online version, he is shown to be quite rich, as he even let Chirag have a going away party with his classmates, which according to Greg was quite splendid, as he received video games, a whoopee cushion, x-ray goggles, candy and many other things at the party.[4]

But Chirag was back at school a few days later since Mr. Gupta decided to not take that job in California.[5]


  • Given what's said about Chirag in Cabin Fever, it is known that Mr. Gupta's family does not celebrate Christmas and their religion is most probably Hinduism.
  • Mr. Gupta has a very different appearance in No Brainer compared to Rodrick Rules, appearing as a thin man with a round head and combed hair, whereas he was much larger and bald originally. It is unclear why this change occurred, though it may be a mistake on Jeff Kinney's part, or purely coincidental.