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Mr. Bottoms retiring from Larry Mack Middle School.

Mr. Bottoms is the former principal of Larry Mack Middle School. He makes his debut in No Brainer as the main antagonist.


After Larry Mack Middle School's exam results are disclosed to be the lowest in the state, the superintendent fires Mrs. Mancy as the head principal and Mr. Bottoms comes out of retirement at the request of the superintendent. Mr. Bottoms quickly begins establishing major changes, starting with cutting all classes that don't teach content on the standardized test.[1] Greg mentions that Mr. Bottoms also has confiscated any uncensored versions of banned books such as Commando Crocodile, which a parent complained about for nude animals.

Mr. Bottoms introduces a new program called the High Flyers Club which students with straight A's can join and receive special rewards in. However, many students cheat in order to get accepted into the program and he has to bring in Clarence "Cheater" Cluster as a result.[2] After hearing a rumor that Larry Mack has a bunch of treasure hidden inside the school, Christian McKay tries to find it but ends up accidentally breaking into the principal's private bathroom. That caused Mr. Bottoms to ban all digging tools from the school.

Mr. Bottoms creates a new policy where students need to have a hall pass in order to get out of class. However, when students exploit this system to produce their own forgery hall passes, he makes it so that the teacher's hall passes have to be distinctive. After teachers complain about how long students use the bathroom, Mr. Bottoms creates a limit for how long they can use it.[3] He nominates several students to monitor the bathrooms, but that doesn't work, and people start cutting loose in the bathrooms. Then Greg gets wrongfully reported to Mr. Bottoms' office for destroying a urinal handle and he is forced to write a self-evaluation form about it.[4]

After discovering that Fudgedogs have been leading to the poor test scores, Mr. Bottoms ends their production, causing students to start protesting over the decision. In an attempt to stop the outrage, he tries to replace Fudgedog Fridays with Macaroni Mondays, but that wasn't any better. He decides he is willing to bring back fudgedogs, but under the condition that each student is only allowed one per day, but the Student Council doesn't agree, and they compromise on a 1.5 fudgedogs rule, leading to the invention of Fudgedog Fingers.[5] Mr. Bottoms continues to establish new policies to spare money such as limiting the amount of school supplies the school can use and firing the exterminator.[6] When Mr. Bottoms announces that the school can't afford to give the staff a raise, many teachers decide to quit on the spot.[7]

After Mr. Bottoms realizes that his new money saving policies have backfired, he starts scheming for new ways to earn money. Mr. Bottoms starts by adding a new Platinum tier to the High Flyers club costing a membership fee of $12.99 a month to join.[8] Platinum members receive exclusive leather recliners from his brother's used furniture store at a discount.[9] Mr. Bottoms also gives consent to all types of corporate sponsorships around school, seemingly with no limit.[10] He also decides to put up a bid to rename the school but after receiving zero offers, he reduces the asking price. Slacksville is the first one to make an offer, but Mr. Bottoms rejects it. Then he finds an offer from the school's former exterminator. Mr. Bottoms and the exterminator organize a press conference to declare the deal, but nobody is excited that the new name is going to be 1-800-DED-BUGS middle school.[11]

After the PTA gripes about all the new changes at school, Mr. Bottoms decides to rent out the entire C wing as a new strategy to raise money. However, the C-wing renters unintentionally distract classes.[12]

During the school's live-auction, Mr. Bottoms refuses to kiss a piglet as he claims that he is allergic to barn animals.[13] Greg wins Principal for the Day during the live-auction and as a result, Mr. Bottoms hands him the keys to the entire building and his name tag before quickly leaving.[14] Greg later discovers why Mr. Bottoms was so avid of vacating school as he has to kiss the piglet during a big assembly.[15]

News transpires about the state potentially shutting the school down unless the standardized exam results improve; Mr. Bottoms apparently kept this confidential for a while to avoid causing panic before the final exam.[16] After the school is forced to close, Mr. Bottoms retires for good, and moves to the Caribbean. A few weeks later, however, the school reopens, but they were unable to get him to come back, so they appoint the Cleaning robot as temporary principal.[17]


  • He was the principal of Larry Mack Middle School during the time Rodrick attended. He retired, Mrs. Mancy took over and eventually, he went back to his position as the principal.




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