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The Mommy Meal is a healthy lunch bag Susan had packed for her three sons in The Long Haul and The Long Haul (film). She gets the idea from an entry in the magazine, Family Frolic.


The Long Haul[]

Greg originally asked to eat at a fast-food place during the road trip, but Susan gave him an alternative instead by giving him his Mommy Meal. The Mommy Meal contains a tuna sandwich, an orange, a carton of milk, and a "prize" in foil which you could only open once you'd eaten the fruit. (the “prize” was a pack of math flash cards). The activities include a word scramble that, when solved, spells out “Summer Learning Is Fun.” There is a random joke, a Capitals Crossword, and an activity named "Name that Nobel Prize winner!".

The Long Haul (film)[]

Rodrick unfolds his bag entirely and writes the fake kidnapping message on it, which was originally in the book as a flashback.


  • It is possible that this is based on the McDonald's "Happy Meal".
  • The answers to "Name that Nobel Prize Winner!" are: Peter Higgs, Mother Teresa, Rabindranath Tagore, and Leymah Gbowee.
  • In the Too Punny joke is a reference to a 1972 novel about rabbits called Watership Down and would also get an animated movie adaptation in 1978, a 1999 kid's TV series, and then a 2018 BBC/Netflix miniseries.