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Mitchell Pickett's shed is where Mitchell Pickett sold his ready-made snowballs in The Meltdown[1]. According to Greg, he was selling snowballs since the year before The Battle of Surrey Street, where it seems his business boomed.


The Shed was in Upper Surrey Street, as said by Greg. He was, however, selling items to Lower and Upper Surrey Street, which made Greg call him a "traitor". The exact location is unknown.


  • Snowballs - Standard balls of compacted snow. Snowballs are the basic ammunition used in the Surrey Street battle.
  • Sloppy Specials - Snowballs that are filled with slush. They cost five times the amount of a regular snowball.
  • Snowball Launcher - What appear to be tennis ball launchers. They are used to launch snowballs from a greater distance.
  • Icicles - Small, thin spikes of ice. Their primary use is to reinforce snow forts.
  • Snowball Molds - Plastic molds that enable the owner to create their own snowballs.
  • Catapult - A more advanced form of the snowball launcher, allowing for multiple snowballs to be launched at a time.


After the battle of Surrey Street concluded, it is mentioned that Mitchell made enough money to buy himself a snowmobile.



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