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The Mingo kids are a group of feral kids that live in the woods bordering town. They appear in Hard Luck and The Meltdown.

It's unknown who the kids' parents are or if there are even any actual adults in the Mingo-clan, with Greg claiming that the only known "authority figure" is some kid named Meckley, who's known for wearing a belt with a huge buckle on it.

Greg also claims that nobody knows where the Mingo kids live or if any of them even go to school, especially since (in the case of the latter point) nobody's ever seen any of the Mingo-kids enrolled in any of the local schools.

Basically, for as far as anybody (including Greg) knows, the Mingo-kids just live in the woods like a pack of wild animals.


Hard Luck[]

The Mingos are first mentioned when Greg mentions that Mingos often chase and threaten people who happen to walk by their woods (typically kids who're walking home from school). After Greg and Rowley reconcile, Meckley and some other members of the clan chase after Greg and Rowley on their way home.

The Meltdown[]

When Greg says that nobody sees any of the Mingo kids during the winter, and by the time they show once winter's over and spring starts, they look like they just woke up from a long nap. Greg says that if the Mingos don't hibernate (or something like that), nobody knows what they do during the winter. The Mingos are mentioned again when Greg and Rowley accidentally stumble upon their camp in the middle of the woods when they're trying to get away from some Whirley Street kids, where Greg finds Meckley's belt buckle and accidentally leaves his puppet, Mr. Morsels, behind.

Later on, the Mingo kids end up coming out the woods where the kids in Greg's neighborhood are having the Battle of Surrey Street, where Meckley has Mr. Morsels on the end of a stick and Greg realizes that he has Meckley's belt buckle (Greg figures that he must've put it in his pocket without even realizing it). They're apparently not liked by everyone as when the Mingo Kids attacked, the Upper/Lower Surrey Street Kids team up with the Safety Patrols and Whirley Street kids to attack the Mingos. They appeared to be fighting with farming and maintenance tools, though it is unclear whether it was them or not.


It is unknown how much territory the Mingo kids hold, however, based on what Greg has said, it is likely that the entire forest or a large portion of it is controlled by the Mingo Kids. When Greg and Rowley get lost in the forest in The Meltdown, they stumble across an area with several abandoned cars, which is likely where most, if not all of the Mingo Kids live.

Known members[]