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Mik Davies is the author of the Underpants Bandits series which is about two boys named Bryce and Brody who travels in time to steal well-known historical figures' underpants. His book series is known to be extremely popular with Greg Heffley and the other boys in his grade in The Long Haul.

When Greg was given an assignment in elementary school to pick an author to write about, all of Greg's classmates, especially the boys chose him to write to, but their teacher Mrs. Terry made them pick someone else. On the eighteenth of August, Greg wrote to him on his own saying that he should not listen to his critics about the rude humor present in his books as he personally likes it and encourages him to right more about bodily functions in his book. Close to a year later, Mik wrote back in a letter which said:

"Dear friend, Unfortunately I get so much fan mail that I'm not able to answer your letter personally.

But I did want to tell you to be on the lookout for "Underpants Bandits 24: Lincoln's Longjohns", coming soon to stores near you! Lots of yuks."


This letter put Greg in a sour mood, since all he got was an ad. He said he still liked his books, though.


  • It's possible Mik is based off of Dav Pilkey, the real life author of the Captain Underpants and Dog Man series, given their similar naming schemes and the book series that they both write.
  • It is possible that he is related to Charlie Davies, as they have the same last name.