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Michael Sampson is the on-and-off boyfriend of Abigail Brown. He is first shown on Greg's Relationship Chart in The Third Wheel, where he is dating Abigail, and Cherie Bellanger, the latter of which is shown to have interests in him.[1]

Prior to the Valentine's Day Dance, Michael told Abigail he would not be able to go due to family obligations.[2] However, at 9:00 PM during the dance he came in with Cherie, not expecting Abigail to show up too and ran off, causing Abigail to cry as he had cheated on her.[3] Despite breaking up with Abigail, they still got back together after their yearbook photos. It is implied that the only reason Abigail went out with Rowley Jefferson was to make Michael jealous in return.[4]


  • Details of Cherie's interest on Greg's chart seemed to foreshadow his act later on.




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