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Metallichihuahua Pups is a Saturday morning children's cartoon which appeared in Diper Överlöde.[1]

When Warwick Sprinter (one of the original members of Metallichihuahua) was explaining to Rodrick and the other members of Löded Diper about what ultimately led to the downfall of his old rock band, he claimed that making this show was the worst decision they ever made, especially since it turned off a lot of their older fans.

By the events of Diper Överlöde, the only known country that the show still airs in is Denmark. But this allows Sebastian Sleeves (and presumably the other members of Metallichihuahua) to receive royalty checks from the show (albeit very small ones). In fact, those royalty checks served as Sebastian's primary source of income for a very long time until Metallichihuahua got back together.[2]



  • Metallichihuahua Pups could be a reference to Hammerman, a Saturday morning children's cartoon starring MC Hammer (a rapper and hip-hop artist) that's cited as one of the reasons why his career declined in the 1990s.
  • Heavy metal rock music is very popular in the Nordic-region of Europe (which is where Denmark is located), which could be at least part of the reason why the cartoon still airs in Denmark. It's unknown if they continued making new episodes for the show (albeit exclusively for Denmark) or if they just kept airing reruns of episodes that were originally created in the United States.