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Metallichihuahua is a heavy metal rock band that makes its debut in Diper Överlöde. They are the favorite band of Rodrick Heffley and the other members of his band, particularly Bill Walter, who had attended a concert during the group's final tour when he was 10 years old.


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When Metallichihuaua first started out they strived to get themselves out there by playing shows every night each week. Because of their notable determination, they quickly grew a fanbase called the Bone Brigade who would follow them from place to place to see them perform, all being dressed up in all sorts of crazy outfits.


The band continued getting more recognition when they played a concert on a rooftop of an apartment in the middle of the city. This got Metallichihuahua a lot of attention by the folks near them and they managed to get all over the news by the time the police and fire departments shut them down. The band got fined for disturbing the peace and ended up occupying the night in jail.[1] After they got out, they entered the Battle of the Bands competition and won causing their careers to skyrocket. Afterwards, they were on the cover of every magazine. During their height of popularity, the band put out albums with cool artwork on the record covers (their first album cover even featuring their mugshots from the night they spent in jail).

Metallichihuahua performed many shows and they invariably featured their giant robot dog during the encore which had glowing red eyes and would shoot steam forcefully. It was a tradition to conclude every show with the band demolishing their instruments.[2]


After a few years, Metallichihuahua realized their manager had been stealing money from them and, as a result, they fired him. Needing a way to replace the money their ex-manager had stolen from them, they started making some pretty bad decisions and signed up for a bunch of endorsement deals just to make a quick buck. They created all sorts of products that they weren't too proud of -- the worst of these was a Saturday morning children's cartoon, especially since it ended up turning off a lot of their older fans.


Things really started going downhill for the band when the original lead singer left to pursue a solo career (which didn't work out, especially after releasing a Christmas album that totally flopped). The remaining tried touring with a new lead singer, but it didn't work out, especially since most of their fans had moved on by that point. Their last tour was in 1997. So, after that, the band called it quits and everyone went their separate ways:

  • Stewart went back to school and eventually become an attorney.
  • Wayne went into "some kind of law enforcement" (later revealed to be a security at Hipp ‘O' Henry's).
  • Sebastian became a recluse, living in a huge mansion that had clearly seen better days.
  • Warwick was the only one still working in the music industry, but he clearly wasn't as successful as he was back during the height of his career in Metallichihuahua.


Diper Överlöde[]

Löded Diper studied Metallichihuahua's history thoroughly throughout the book to assist in their ambition of becoming the biggest band.

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While looking for someone who administers taking metal objects off of people, Löded Diper get distracted and search up what happened to the lead guitarist of Metallichihuahua: Warwick Sprinter. They learn that Warwick is still kicking and even has his own website where fans can book him for individual events at an economical price. Occasionally, he does public events and when Löded Diper took a glance at his calendar they discovered that he was scheduled to be at the Legends of Yesteryear that weekend. Löded Diper are stimulated about it as they anticipate that they're finally going to meet a legend.

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Löded Diper brought an extreme amount of Metallichihuahua merchandise for Warwick to sign but they were permitted from doing that and were forced to plunge their merch back in the van. Löded Diper found Warwick in the back and were exhilarated to meet him but they were authorised to purchase merch before asking a question; since Löded Diper were low on cash they brought the cheapest item, the Metallichihuahua eraser. Löded Diper asked Warwick what advice he had for a struggling band trying to break into the music industry and he answered to never undertake in any opportunity for free as a lot of people attempt to take advantage of a band starting out but a band should always obtain payment for their work. Löded Diper perceived that as excellent advice after what happened at their first show which occurred at The Headless Chicken. Rodrick dissipated the rest of his money on the Metallichihuahua candy dispenser and asked what caused Metallichihuahua to part ways and Warwick explained the long, convoluted history. Warwick told them that nobody had heard of the drummer of Metallichihuahua, Sebastian Sleeves since he had an interview twenty-five years ago and he'd be thrilled to unburden a copy of the magazine containing it on them for twenty-five bucks however Löded Diper were out of cash. Warwick told them their was an ATM down the hall and he'd be content to wait for them there and swing a few bargains at them however Löded Diper figured they got everything they came for and passed.

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Löded Diper takes Warwick's advice to heart and soon start gaining a noteworthy fanbase and get invited to Rock 'N' Rowdy which they've dreamed of performing at for years. However, that whole event turns out to be a fiasco and Löded Diper turns back into a slump. Rodrick infers that the only thing that can turn Löded Diper back around is a pep talk with someone whose been in their shoes. Rodrick figures that if they uncover Sebastian Sleeves, the drummer of Metallichihuahua, he will unveil to them the spark that they destine for. The only issue is the guy doesn't want his environment to be revealed and ever since that interview he has dropped off the face of the earth. Despite that, Rodrick's made it his target to find Sebastian Sleeves and last night Mackie had a intelligent idea; he said that to assemble a pool they have to get a permit so they should register the permits in the public record around the time the interview was published. Even though, there was a great quantity of pools issued that year one stood out from the croud and it was shaped as a chihuahua head. Löded Diper searched a satellite picture of the property and there was a large wall around it so it seemed official. Löded Diper settled that when parked near the structure they couldn't just trudge right up right up to the front gate and ring the doorbell and it was required to have a ploy in mind. They went through some extreme suggestions such as scaling the walls and sneaking in or patiently waiting for Sebastian to exit outside and then quickly tossing him inside the van but they eventually decided to wing it and hope for the best.

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Löded Diper left early in the morning and when they took one glance at the property they knew they had looked into the correct place. Löded Diper sat there for a extensive period of time squabbling about their next move until a food delivery deposited his food in front of the gate and left. Sebastian came out in the flesh to collect his food appearing way older and before Rodrick could talk with him he detected him and locked the gate. Sebastian was about to stroll away but Rodrick managed to persuade him to linger. After Rodrick explained his motive clearly to Sebastian and he finished up his burger, he permitted them in. They accompanied him past his mansion that clearly saw finer days to his pool which was barley even distinguishable to the one presented in the magazine. Sebastian grasped out cleaning supplies for Löded Diper and said he was content to talk as long as they polished the pool. Sebastian started speaking about his life and living conditions lately after Metallchihuahua split up but Rodrick didn't really care and decided to switch the subject back to advice for Löded Diper. Sebastian says that nowadays there's no inclusion for bands in the music industry that write and perform their own music and if they wanted to transcend the industry they needed to abandon their instruments, learn how to lip-synch and employ a choreographer. Sebastian feels that it's virtually impossible to exceed in the music business anyway and his greatest advice he could give was to cease and focus on their education instead. After the trip to Sebastian, the advice that he gave perturbed the band however Rodrick encouraged them saying that they shouldn't devote to what some washed-up singer said after his band split up and that as long as Löded Diper sticks together, unlike Metallichihuahua, nothing can stand in their way.[3]

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During the Battle of the Bands, twenty-five years after the band's separation, Stewart headed up on stage to deliver Rodrick a letter declaring that they were taking Löded Diper to court for not modifying their name when they asked them to do so. Then Wayne strolled up on stage to the lawyer and they started quarrelling with each other. The rest of the Metallichihuahua members followed and the substantial audience registered that the four original Metallichihuahua members were on stage and starting began going bonkers as they were as they witnessing the first reunion in nearly three decades. Metallichihuahua were overwhelmed with the cheering but once it got even louder, the ex-bandmates knew what was vital and utilised Löded Diper's equipment to enact their greatest hits. Once they performed their encore they subsisted the custom of demolishing their instruments. Metallichihuahua ultimately becomes the first band to win the Battle of the Bands twice and the event reunites the band together, to the point of planning a world tour.[4]

The Next Chapter[]


Metallichihuahua was originally supposed to be featured in The Long Haul film as a Spanish speaking heavy metal band who rescues the Heffley's and fixes their car, however it was scrapped for unknown reasons.[5]




  • During the development phase of Diper Överlöde, Jeff Kinney asked people on Twitter on whether or not he should give the Metallichihuahua logo whiskers. The majority preferred the one with whiskers.[6]
  • It's unknown whatever happened to the band's replacement lead singer after Stewart left the group to pursue a solo career. In fact, the book doesn't mention the particular singer's name.
  • The band's name might be a reference to Metallica, plus the band was originally meant to be Spanish.
  • Metallichihuahua was originally going to be the people that rescues the Heffley family in The Long Haul Film, as stated in the movie diary, But this was cut.
  • The fact that lead singer Stewart Taylor left the band and released a horrible album, as well as the fact that the band replaced him with a singer who sucked, might be an allusion to speed metal band Judas Priest, who lost their singer and had similar issues with band members.



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