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Melinda Henson is a girl who appears in Old School. She is one of the students who stayed at Hardscrabble Farms for a week.

When the kids arriving at the camp see a sign warning them to beware of Silas Scratch, Melinda is one of the people who know about Silas and chimes in to explain, saying that she heard that he went crazy and grew his nails very long.[1]

When kids at camp start trying to get sick on purpose so they can go home, Melinda eats three servings of stew to make herself sick at dinnertime and is noticed when she starts acting strangely. After spending a few hours down at the nurse's station with indigestion, she is sent back to rejoin her group.[2]


  • Melinda Henson has significantly different appearances in the two times she is portrayed. This is most likely a mistake on Jeff Kinney's part.




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