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Marty Vinson is a troublemaker formerly at Larry Mack Middle School who appears in No Brainer.

Greg Heffley gets accused of dismantling a urinal handle in the B wing boy's bathroom by teachers who saw him in the reflection of a metal paper towel dispenser. However he is certain that it was Marty Vinson, since he was bragging about it in the cafeteria. However, since Marty is notorious for making student's lives miserable, Greg is afraid to snitch on him and decides to endure being scolded by Mr. Bottoms and being forced to fill out a self-evaluation form on his behavior.[1]

Later, while he is Principal for the Day, Greg suspects Marty as the student who detached the sink off the wall.[2] Promptly, Marty's parents decide to transfer him to a private school rather than Slacksville Middle School which Greg is pleased about.[3]




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