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Marcus Woodley (known as Chip Newson in the online book) is a boy in Greg Heffley's Boy Scout troop who attends a father-son campout with his brother Darren. He appears in The Last Straw and Big Shot.


The Last Straw[]

Marcus and Darren are put in a tent with Greg's father, as their father couldn't come. They start horsing around in the tent, even though Frank keeps telling them to go to sleep. At one point, Darren throws a football at Marcus that hits him in the stomach, causing him to wet his pants. When Darren laughs at him, Marcus goes berserk and bites Darren, refusing to let go. After Frank eventually manages to pry them apart, he goes to the emergency room with Darren.

The incident ruins Frank's perception of Troop 133 and his son Greg, who couldn't come to the campout as he was sick.

Big Shot[]

Marcus and Darren are seen at numerous events, mainly in Greg's cut basketball team ran by Dhruv Patel. Greg mentions that they could be decent athletes if they didn't fight all the time, which is also proven to be true in The Last Straw.