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Marconi's Sub Shop was a restaurant owned by Mr. Marconi that presumably specialized in submarine sandwiches. It appears in The Meltdown and Big Shot.

The restaurant, located in the center of town, was shut down due to health code violations before later reopening.


The Meltdown[]

Marconi's Sub Shop can be seen in the background when Greg Heffley and his family are putting up posters to find their missing pig. Later, Mr. Marconi's son, Marcus Marconi uses the flag that used to hang open in front of the restaurant to mark his snow fort during the Battle of Surrey Street.[1]

Big Shot[]

Mr. Marconi sponsors Greg's basketball team, later dropping it after a severe loss against Slacksville's basketball team. Later, after their season, Greg's team goes there for their end-of-season party, with Mr. Marconi agreeing because his shop still isn't open and he needs the business. Even so, Greg didn't touch anything with mayonnaise, implying that it shut down due to a mayonnaise-related incident.[2][3]


  • In some copies of Big Shot, the shop is named "Marconi's Deli Bar" instead.




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