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Manny Heffley's mansion was a house built by Manny Heffley from spare parts of the Heffley's extension. It makes an appearance in Wrecking Ball.

The mansion was built on a Tuesday in April when Manny found spare parts of the skip and a toy toolbox when the Heffley's Kitchen Extension was being built. He proceeded to build it and add things such as sprinklers in the front yard and started a party with other kids in the neighborhood. It still stands currently.


The building itself is quite spacious, featuring 2-3 stories with an attic, a plaza-like front yard, and a few rooms. It is unknown if the building was fitted out on the inside, but it is likely as it is seen to have people holding things and there is music playing. It has a sprinkler system out front.


  • It is the first known building to be built by one character in the whole series.
  • It is assumed that it will make more appearances during the series as it is likely a permanent fixture and still operational.
  • It could be an over-exaggeration by Greg and may have actually been smaller and less detailed. Because when the Heffley's house got destroyed at the end of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wrecking Ball, they moved into Gramma's basement rather than the mansion.