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Mamadou Montpierre (known as Mamadou SaintPierre in the online book) is Greg Heffley's pen pal for French class in Rodrick Rules. He lives in France as a French descent.

During his first correspondence, he says that he is "very privileged to make Greg's acquaintance" and is incorrectly corrected by Greg, who claims that 'acquaintance' doesn't have a 'c' in it. Mamadou later sends Greg a photo of himself holding a guitar, which prompts Greg to stop writing to him. [1]

Later, when Rodrick reveals Greg's embarrassing secret, he rebukes himself for not keeping up his relationship with Mamadou, as he believes he could have gone to France as an exchange student and hide out there for a few years. [2]

He would play almost an identical role in the online book as Mamadou SaintPierre.


  • In the online book, the photo of Mamadou is captioned "Sexy", but in Rodrick Rules, the caption says "Super Cool". This change most likely occurred to make the book age-appropriate.
    • A letter exchange in which Greg asks for Mamadou's age is also altered in the books and shown to be between a student named Albert Murphy and his pen pal Jacques.
  • Mamadou may possibly be a follower of Islam, given that his name is a variation of the name “Muhammad”.
  • Mackie bears a similar appearance to Mamadou.




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