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Magick and Monsters (known as Dungeons and Dragons in the online book) is a fantasy board game that appears in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. It's only appearance was in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (However, it was mentioned in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days and appears to have a series of novels as well as rule books), when Greg, Rowley, and Rowley's babysitter Leland played it. Susan decided to play after learning what it was about but does not get the concept of playing, "ruining" the game.


Rodrick Rules[]

When Susan finds out the game is enjoyable, she decides to buy Magick and Monsters for Greg and gets every single version of the game. Greg quotes that "Mom didn't make me cash in a single Mom Buck." as well. After buying it for Greg, Susan informs him that she bought it for the sole purpose of bonding time between Greg and Rodrick. Greg attempts to play with Rodrick, making names for the characters such as "Joe" and "Bob" in order to not look like a nerd in front of Rodrick. However, Rodrick is reluctant and ends the game immediately. The game is never seen again, only briefly mentioned in Dog Days. The game is most likely based off of Dungeons and Dragons, which is a real board game, and that explains why it's called that in the online version.

Dog Days[]

Shadowdoom was mentioned to be the 9th volume of the Magick and Monsters series which was brought into the Reading Is Fun Club however Susan doesn't seem to approve due to its portrayal of women shown on its front cover.[1]

The Meltdown[]

Ernesto Gutierrez and Gabriel Johns are shown playing a Dungeons and Dragons-style board game that may or may not be Magick and Monsters.[2]


The game has a game-master who decides the story according to the players' choice. The main objective of this game is to battle monsters.


Mead is a type of alcoholic drink, which is sort of like beer in the game. Susan disapproves of it and whenever Greg's character is drinking it in the tavern, Susan's character shoves Grimlon, spilling his mead.

Known People in the Game[]

  • Grimlon (Murlon)
  • Tarloc (Warloc)
  • Mom
  • Orcs
  • Bob
  • Joe


  • The game closely resembles the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons and is most likely based on it.
    • Both games have been accused of promoting witchcraft.
  • In the online version, it is actually called Dungeons and Dragons which hints that it's the same game, just changed to avoid trademark issues.
  • The supplies needed to play are pens, paper, and dice.
  • It is referenced in Dog Days.
  • Susan's character is named Mom.
  • Greg's characters are a wizard Talroc and a dwarf Grimlon. When playing with Rodrick he had two characters called Joe and Bob, which are generic names he chose that Rodrick wouldn't make fun of. However, Rodrick refers to Greg's two characters as nerds.
  • Mead is actually a real life Norwegian drink.


Rodrick Rules[]

Dog Days[]

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