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The Magic 8 Ball is a real-life toy that Greg used to make decisions in Hard Luck. It plays a heavy influence on the books plot, making appearances several times throughout the story.


Greg tries to solve one of his math questions, in which the answer is 62 with the Magic 8 Ball

It was originally owned by Rodrick, who got it as a present one year, but he seemingly forgot all about it after it rolled under his bed. Greg later finds it under Rodrick's bed and curiously tries it out. Greg thought up a question and shook it really hard where it then gave him an answer which was exactly what he wanted to hear. Greg was pretty impressed and asked a few more questions where it would tell him each time what he wanted once again. Greg realized it wasn't just good for answering questions, but advice too when he asked if he should take a shower or finish the outline on his science project. Greg continues playing around with the Magic 8 Ball for a few days and finds out some limitations for example:

  1. It's not good at giving specific answers for math questions.
  2. When he really needs an answer from the Magic 8 Ball it can't make up its mind.

However, Greg doesn't give up on it as it totally made up for it later on in the day - Greg's mom told him he needed to go outside and get some fresh air so he asked it if he should do it to which it replies no so, he hides in her closet. In the closet Greg finds all the secrets that Susan doesn't want him and his brothers to know, and he uses reverse psychology from one of her books to be able to have a phone.[1] Greg decides to join a club to avoid the Mingo kids but he can't find any club that would be a good fit for him, so he decides to use the Magic 8 Ball - he gets a lot of "No's" from it and a few "Ask Laters" but gets a "Yes Definitely" at the yearbook club door.[2]

Greg picks up the Magic 8 Ball and spots the Easter egg

During a Social Studies test, Greg was trying to get answers from it, but it wasn't giving him real ones, so he shook it real hard where he lost hold of it. It rolls right in front of Mrs. Merritt who takes Greg right to Vice Principal Roy's office for allegedly "cheating". Vice Principal Roy calls Susan who comes in the office ten minutes later defending Greg saying it was a harmless toy and he couldn't have used it to cheat.[3] Roy gives Greg back the Magic 8 Ball, but it was totally useless as when it hit the floor it cracked and the blue liquid behind the little window leaked out. So, he ends up tossing it over his Gramma's fence on the way from school.[4] Greg later comes back to it for help to decide what to do with Rowley as he figures he could get one more answer from it. He finds it in a log pile but forgets all about it and goes for the egg stuck under a log where finds Meemaw's diamond ring. Greg couldn't believe it had led him to that and figures it owed him for everything that had recently happened to him.[5]

The Magic 8 Ball is actually made by Mattel Inc, the company that made Monster High, Barbie and Hot Wheels, etc. This is the second Mattel product to appear in the series, after the Barbie Dream House in Diary of a Wimpy Kid.




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