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Madame Lefrere is a French teacher at Larry Mack Middle School. She is mentioned in Rodrick Rules and in No Brainer.


Rodrick Rules[]

At the beginning of the school year, Madame Lefrere hands out forms to the class so they can choose pen pals to write with. Greg checks off the boxes that will get him a pen pal like Rodrick. But Madame forces Greg to rechoose a pen pal that was his gender and age.[1]

After everyone in the class receives their assignments, she makes them write their first pen pal letters. After getting a letter back from his pen pal, Greg argues that it was dumb that Madame Lefrere wouldn't let anyone email their pen pals, citing the amount of money Albert Murphy and Jacques, his pen pal, spent to buy stamps for three letters.

No Brainer[]

Due to teachers requiring their own distinctive hall passes, Madame Lefrere's new hall pass is a hefty French dictionary.[2]


  • Madame Lefrere's last name translates to 'the brother' in English.
  • Given her name and the class she teaches, it's very likely that Madame Lefrere is of French descent.



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