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The Mad Pantser is an unidentified student who pranks numerous people by pantsing them. He shows up in The Third Wheel. He pantsed Vice Principal Roy and Rowley Jefferson.

It's unknown who the Mad Panster exactly is. He got most of his victims at the stairs in the gym, causing people to stay away from there. It may be implied that Anthony Renfrew might be the Mad Pantser, because he was the first one to pants somebody.

However, it is more likely he is not, because Greg clearly states that the Mad Pantser is probably one of the four boys sent home because of the chickenpox outbreak as there was a lack of pantsing incidents since the chickenpox outbreak.[1]

Known Victims[]

Identity of the Mad Pantser[]

There are multiple theories about the identity of the Mad Pantser, but the almost confirmed answer is below:

The dance theory[]

On page 164 in Diary of Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel, Greg states that during the chickenpox outbreak that occurred at their school, there were no pantsing incidents since before the outbreak, and Greg is sure that one of the four boys sent home due to chickenpox cases is the Mad Panster.

  • On page 204, there are a bunch of boys letting glue capture at the dance, being ignored by their dates. A boy who is standing on the table wearing a black shirt looks very similar to suspect No.1, his hair style and nose appear to be identical.
  • Another kid on page 204 who was holding his tie and using it as a weapon against another student looks like suspect no.2, they both have seven strands of hair on their knees and their faces look pretty similar.
  • Also, another boy on the floor's hairstyle, nose, and chin seem to match suspect number three.
  • On page 205, the Mad Pantser strikes again which means that suspects no.1, no.2, and no.3 could not have conducted the attack.
  • That only leaves us with suspect no.4. (The second to the right).

The one who wasn't there, or was he?[]

  • There was someone who wasn't sighted at the dance, and it wasn't one of the four boys.
  • Maybe this person was trying to lay low, to make the students and teachers think it wasn't them.
  • This person seems like the type of person who would have the guts to pants the Vice Principal, and have the stealth to crawl around the gym unnoticed.
  • They've never been sighted at a pantsing attack.




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