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Mackie is the former nerdy member of Löded Diper who used to play the band's electrical guitar. He has a little sister and is presumably in college, studying robotics. He serves as a major character in Diper Överlöde and appears in the animated adaption of Rodrick Rules. It's unknown how he ended up joining the band.

Diper Överlöde[]

Throughout most of the book, Mackie takes part in most of Löded Diper's activities whether in preparation for the Battle of the Bands or trying to popularize the band.

Löded Diper wanted some rock star outfits but none of the members provided a good solution until Mackie suggested they could buy the Halloween variant of the costume since the outlet near them was having an after-season clearance sale. But they find out the costumes were more like plastic aprons than actual outfits.[1]

Diper Överlöde23

During Löded Diper's photographing, they end up in the Heffley family's bathroom where Mackie and Drew started messing around with the bathroom equipment. But none of the pictures satisfied the band however, Mackie provided an alternative method, involving getting their pictures taken at a photo studio at the mall. But he forgets the studio was for babies. [2]

A guy started reading a phone book late into the Hands on a Van which irritate Mackie enough for him get out.[3]

Diper Överlöde38.2

One day Mackie recorded Bill dropping a speaker on his foot which they posted online. It became Löded Diper most popular posts which turned their whole account to switch into a beating stick genre. After the band went back to posting music clips, they went through Metallichihuahua's old music videos. Löded Diper found a popular video called "Dog Eat Dog" where it was filmed in a kennel with chihuahuas which the guys wanted to replicate the fame and top the video. Mackie suggested their song "Monkey House" should be filmed in a real monkey house, but the idea was turned down because the band worried that they might act up and bring chaos. They weren't able to do Bill's idea of filming the music video while parachuting in the sky because Mackie has Acrophobia, a fear of heights.[4]

The band stopped at a recording studio and for their first album Rodrick wanted to have one track that has a cuss word but Mackie was against this because he wants his mom to be able to enjoy the album which caused a fight that took a while to settle.[5] But while Bill and Drew were arguing Mackie accidentally dropped his pick into a acoustic guitar which Drew manages to shake it out but it fell right into Bill's mouth. Bill started choking but Mackie knew the maneuver to get it out.[6]

Diper Överlöde59

All of these inconveniences disable the band from recording more than one song but the one song they recorded allows them to make a music video. The problem is that they didn't have any money but Mackie did have a gift certificate to Shooting Stars studio from his little sister. He told the band he gets to make the decision to choose the type of song from the menu because it was his sister's.[7]

Diper Överlöde77.2

Mackie didn't liked Rodrick's idea of getting his band performing a show at the top of the same building that Metallichihuahua played on thirty years ago because it wouldn't look good on his college applications. Nonetheless, he agreed to it after Rodrick told him they will just bail when the police comes and possibly because he wanted to be the team player.[8]

Once Löded Diper got hired to perform at The Headless Chicken Mackie made a massive Löded Diper banner for their setup. Just as Löded Diper was set to perform, Greg forgot to bring Rodrick's drumsticks so Mackie tried to find a stores in the area that sells drumsticks but to no avail. So Bill went with Greg with the goal of borrowing a drum stick at Hipp 'O' Henry's but they were chased out by the security guard which freaked Mackie out as he was worried they will go to jail for resisting arrest. Mackie was so shaken by this that he wanted to return the drum stick but Rodrick told him they had to get on stage at any minute. Before they stepped on stage, the drum stick they stole was held tight by a monkey paw however, Drew manages to free the drum stick but the monkey paw latched into Mackie's leg which handicapped Mackie's ability to perform as he was more distracted by it than playing his guitar. [9]

But the band didn't get anything from their performance except for a robotic paw which Greg has no clue how Mackie explained it to his teachers the next morning.[10]

Diper Överlöde111

Löded Diper spends all their free time on figuring out a way to detach Mackie's leg from the monkey paw. Drew said maybe they could get it off by messing around the wires, the same way it got on Mackie's leg but Mackie doesn't comfortable about it because he thinks it might crush his leg. But Mackie wants to return it back to Hipp 'O' Henry's as he believes it will set him free if he reconnects it with the monkey.[11]

Löded Diper later plays at Mackie's friend's bar mitzvah, becoming their first successful gig in years. After this, Löded Diper got hired to many gigs.[12]

They also were set to play at Rock 'N' Rowdy which was a huge deal to them as they all have gone there for years. The band came up with a bunch of merch to sell, one of which was plushies as Mackie thought it would be really cool to have a one of himself. Mackie wanted to sell something for any Löded Diper super fans that might show up at the event. [13]

But after Rock 'N' Rowdy none of the guys have confidence of winning Battle of the Bands however that could all change if they could track down Sebastian Sleeves. Mackie shows his intelligence when he says Sebastian must have a permit to have a pool which is part of the public record and there can only be one that's the shape of a Chihuahua head.

Diper Överlöde155

But their meetup with Sebastian had the opposite effect of what they were hoping for and they have been talking about quitting much to Mackie's relief whose grades were down in the drain. But Rodrick gave the band a speech that brought back all their confidence. Mackie said they will need to do something nobody has ever done before if they want to become the biggest band. Mackie said DiperLand will generate enough money to allow the band to destroy their instruments at the end of every show.[14]

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Rodrick starts to hold practice twice a day after seeing how big of a threat Stank will be at the Battle of the Bands. The new schedule doesn't work out for Bill as he's takes naps during Mackie's guitar solos.[15] But Mackie's also getting tried of the two-times-a-day-practice and after Susan hands Rodrick a Cease and Desist letter from Stewart Taylor Jr., Mackie and is bandmates leaves the band.[16]

At the end of the book, Greg heard that Mackie got accepted into a school for robotics and might be able to disconnect the monkey paw off his leg.[17]

Rodrick Rüles (2022 film)- 13-10-7

Rodrick Rüles (2022 film)[]

Mackie participates in Rodrick Heffley's party with such activities includes drawing on Bill's nose while he was asleep and taking part in a conga with Rodrick and Drew.[18]

Later, Mackie comes over to Rodrick's basement with the rest of the band to practice Can You Smell Us Now for the Talent Show.[19]

In Löded Diper's confrontation with Greg, Mackie asks him if he would like to be the band's drummer shortly before the Talent Show.[20] During their performance, He and Drew drumroll for the introduction of Greg as the band's drummer. Once Rodrick is reinstated into the band, they perform Can You Smell Us Now.[21]



  • It is unknown if he ever figured how to get the Monkey Paw off his leg.
  • Mackie is never seen before Diper Överlöde, suggesting that he joined the band some time between The Deep End and Big Shot.
  • Mackie bears a similar appearance to Mamadou Montpierre.
  • During Diper Överlöde's development, a scene featuring Mackie was deleted where the electrical current was too weak to hold up the monkey's paw which causes it to clamp onto Mackie.[22] The incident distracted the band from practicing for their next show.[23]
  • It's possible the robotics school he went to was Fulson Tech.


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