Mackey Creavey



Name Mackey Creavey
Age 13-16
Gender Male
Actor None
Film Appearance? Yes (in a bonus feature)
Online Appearance? Yes
Book Appearance? Yes

Mackey Creavey is a Pre-Alpha Minus kid who was in Mr. Litch's Rec League soccer team during The Last Straw. He also appears in Dog Days and the online book.

In between wind sprints, Greg Heffley hangs out near the water cooler with Mackey and another kid named Manuel Gonzales. They decide that it would be funny if they run at Mr. Litch with their rear ends pointed at him the next time he tells them to get their butts back on the field, though Greg is the only one who actually does so.

Mackey is benched along with Manuel and Greg during one of their first games. When the temperature drops after sunset, he and Manuel get sleeping bags out of the Creavey's car. When Mr. Litch sees them hopping toward the halftime huddle inside their sleeping bags, he excuses them to the Creavey's car, which is heated and has a TV inside it.

Mackey, Manuel, and Greg bring video games the next time they have a game and play on them for the first fifteen minutes. When they are called on the field to block a free kick, they jump out of the way instead of blocking the ball and are yelled at by Mr. Litch.

In Dog Days, he appears at the Champions Swim Meet along with Greg and Manuel.


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