"Stop slouching!"
Loretta telling Rodrick to stop "slouching.".
Loretta Heffley
Aunt Loretta
Name Aunt Loretta/Loretta Heffley
Age 68
Gender Female
Actor None
Film Appearance? No
Online Appearance? Yes (as Great Aunt Loretta)
Book Appearance? Yes

Loretta Heffley is Greg's great aunt and a minor character in the series. Much to Greg and Rodrick's dismay, she always arrives first at any special occasion or party, and they always fight to see who would greet her first. In The Long Haul, last year on the first day of summer, Susan said that the family was going upstate for a few days to visit Aunt Loretta at the nursing home.




Loretta seems short in the books. But in the online version she was taller than her book appearance. She has short curly hair, always wears a hat, and wears glasses. She wears heels.


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