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Loretta to Rodrick Heffley in The Ugly Truth

Loretta (née Heffley) is Greg Heffley's paternal great-aunt, Frank Heffley's paternal aunt, (great aunt in the online book) and Susan Heffley's aunt-in-law. She plays minor roles throughout the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

Susan Heffley forces Greg to write Christmas thank-you cards to his relatives. He comes up with an effective system until he stumbles upon the clothes items his family, namely Loretta, gave him.[1]

Rodrick Rules[]

Thanksgiving approaches and begins just like it always does with Loretta arriving two hours early. Susan regularly constrains Greg and Rodrick to chat with her until the rest of the family turns up, which often causes large fights between them over who has to address her first.[2]

The Ugly Truth[]

Greg was the star at every family gathering as he captured everyone's attention by singing little kids nursery rhymes up until when Manny Heffley was born, as the attention had settled to him. Greg continued singing nursery rhymes just like he always did. However, his recognition with his family had fallen and Loretta told him to grow up. Greg feels bad for Rodrick as it's been a long time since he was the center of attention and cute with Loretta often moaning about how he slouches.[3]

The Long Haul[]

Greg mentions that last summer, Susan and Frank Heffley said that the family was going upstate for a week to visit Aunt Loretta at her nursing home. Greg wasn't particularly excited to kick off Summer like that as one time her roommate seized him and wouldn't let go until the staff gave her a chocolate cookie. Luckily for Greg, Susan and Frank were just deceiving them and the next morning they disclosed that they were actually going to Disneyworld. However, Manny had a tantrum as Susan had talked the trip up so much that he was actually excited about going. This incident resulted in the trip being postponed so that they could visit Aunt Loretta at the nursing home.[4]


In the online book, Greg and Rodrick fights over who has to kiss Aunt Loretta first. Greg adds on that he and Rodrick don't have a lot in common with her so their conversations often hits a wall.[5]


  • Loretta appears taller in the online book. She is also nearly identical to Reba Heffley in appearance.
    • It's possible that Aunt Reba and Aunt Loretta are identical twins.
  • She is the sister of Grandpa, Great Uncle Arthur, and Reba Heffley.
  • It is possible that John Heffley is her son.
  • She is the paternal aunt of Frank, Joe, and Gary Heffley.



Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]



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