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This page lists all of the movies and TV shows that have appeared within the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Note that this doesn't include movies that make up the series such as the Diary of a Wimpy Kid live-action films or Diary of a Wimpy Kid animated film for Disney+.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

The Wizard of Oz[]

See: The Wizard of Oz

Like the real movie, The Wizard of Oz is about a girl Dorothy and her dog, Toto being swept away from their homes from a tornado into the Land of Oz in which they have to find a way home where they have to encounter with the Wizard of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz

This was the winter play for Westmore Middle School in which Greg only joins because his Mother forced him to in which he plays the role of a tree so he can throw apples at Patty Farrell to get revenge for covering up the United States map in which Greg was hoping to use it to cheat on his state capital quiz. The play ended with Greg throwing an apple at Patty Farrell which caused the other trees to join in the act which caused someone to knock off Patty's glasses which caused Mrs. Norton, the person who's directing the play to shut it down.

It's Great to Be Me[]

Every year Westmore Middle School shows its student this movie about all you should be happy about who you are.

Rodrick Rules[]

Unnamed movie[]

A movie is about two kids who created a secret language. Greg and Rowley watched this movie when Greg came over to the Jefferson's house which they thought it was pretty cool so they made their own language only ending up with Greg getting sent home by Robert Jefferson.

Rodrick's horror movies[]

Manny watching horror movie

None of these horror movies are named in this book. Rodrick did his science project on "Does Watching Violent Movies Make People Think Violent Thoughts?" Rodrick really only did this to watch horror movies on school nights. Also one night Rodrick left his horror movies on the DVD player when Manny turn it on to watch cartoons only to get Rodrick's movies.

Plainview's Most Talented[]

A televised talent show where all of Plainview's elementary, middle, and high school performs on stage in front of an audience for the most talented performance. Leland won the show while Löded Diper performance ended up becoming viral because of the Dancing Mom video.

The Last Straw[]

Unnamed bowling channel[]

This appears in the first week of the The Last Straw when Greg complains about it being the only two show that's on Saturday.

Unnamed golf channel[]

This also appears in the first week of the The Last Straw when Greg complains about it being the only two show that's on Saturday.

Unnamed time capsule show[]

This show helped inspire Greg to create a time capsule when Greg and Rowley was trying to dig a deep hole.

Sesame Street[]

While trying to escape a sleepover at the house one of Rowley Jefferson's friends' so he can crash a sleepover at Holly Hills' house, Greg says that the other kids there are "more interested in Sesame Street than they are in girls".

America's Funniest Families[]

Greg stuck

This was based on the real show "America's Funniest Home Videos" where viewers submits some funny videos in a competition to see which one is the funniest. This played a role when the Snella family held a party where the Heffley's attends where Greg tried to get a blanket that was stuck in a tree that was thrown by Manny which lead to Greg exposing his Wonder woman underoos which saved his Dad from performing in front of an audience which made him rethink about sending Greg to Spag Union.

Dog Days[]


Hello Your Dead

This is a movie that Greg found when he was going through Rodrick's stuff. This movie was about the infamous The Muddy Hand who goes around killing people then at the end The Muddy Hand went at the screen making Greg think that The Muddy Hand is after him. Greg also mentions that the movie had cheesy effects and it wasn't scary with the ending being an exception. This ended up making Greg think about The Muddy Hand throughout the entire book.

Bayside Street baseball game[]

Bayside Street base baseball appears when Greg thought his dad was gonna sell him so he used his Ladybug to call 911. As it turns out Greg's mom brought them tickets to the baseball game for a father-son event but it took a long time for his dad to explain everything to the cops and he just took Greg hone.

The Ugly Truth[]

Say Hello to the Brand-New You

Say Hello to the Brand-New You! (Boys' Edition)[]

A educational video tape about puberty, the boys in Greg Heffley's class watch in Nurse Powell's class during The Ugly Truth. The video tape can be very old as Greg assumes that his father watched the same video tape when he was greg's age.



Unnamed talk show[]

This talk show is a show that is watched by Isabella

Cabin Fever[]

Greasy Grimelicks


THE NUTRITIONAUTS VS. THE GREASY GRIMELICKS is a educational film that encourages health eating. Westmore Middle School showed at their general assembly.

Unnamed News Channel[]

This news channel appears when Greg and Rodrick dropped off a woman from Leisure Towers at the wrong Super Market which she reported them claiming that they were "kidnapping her."

Unnamed Holiday Special[]

This holiday special appears when Greg explains how he didn't believe Rowley calling him the night before about the blizzard they were going to get. For a few years, Rowley has been calling Greg every year around December to tell him that there's a blizzard coming but he's always wrong as he watches a recording of this special every December his parents had taped a few years before the events of Cabin Fever. On the night the special was recorded, a blizzard alert saying that 2-3 feet of snow were expected came up on the bottom of the screen and as the weather warning was branded into the video feed, every time Rowley watches the special, he calls Greg in a panic whenever he sees the weather warning to tell him that there's a blizzard coming. Greg used to fall for it, but stopped believing in Rowley after he watched the recording during summer vacation.

The Third Wheel[]


Teeny Genius

This was an educational show that Susan would make Greg watch when he was little.

Unnamed rocket and band show[]

These are two shows that Greg wanted to watch when he was little.

Cool Language

The Snurples[]

The Snurples is a TV show that Manny watches. Not much is known about the show except for that one of the characters is named Munchy Murple and the show at its own language that only three-year-olds could understand.

The Long Haul[]

Unnamed Spanish-speaking show[]

This was a show that Susan and Greg would used to watch every morning. Susan would repeat everything the show says to try and teach Greg to learn a new language at a young age however this made Greg learn a lot of words that weren't right. The two known dialogue are "Tengo Hambre (I'm hungry) and "Te amo" (I love you).

Lords of the Ring[]

This was a movie that Rodrick rented out for his book report which he got confused with The Lord of the Rings. This movie seems to be about a character that want to be the "lord" of the rings but according to Rodrick, the movie was genius.

Greg's favorite show[]

This was Greg's favorite show when the host asks a question "what should I draw on this box" Greg responded with "I don't know...Polka dots" to whom the host actually coincidentally responded with "Ok polka dots it is" this made Greg think that the people on tv can hear everything he says until he was 6.

Double Down[]

Unidentified movie that Greg watched as a child[]

A movie about a guy whose whole life is filmed for a TV show without him knowing it that Greg Heffley watched as a child, causing him to think that his whole life was being filmed as well.

This movie may be similar or identical to The Truman Show, which covers the same topic.

Unidentified morning talk show[]

Rowley in the morning talk show

A show that Rowley Jefferson appeared on after he became famous due to a video was taken of him being rescued by firemen after he got stuck up a tree. The show was hosted by an unnamed man and woman.

The Getaway[]

Unnamed News Channel[]

This appears when a guy in Plainview found a chunk of waste from an airplane and he thought it was a meteorite.

List of shows and movies on the airplane[]

  • Unnamed comedy movie
  • Unnamed show for little kids

Jurassic Park[]

It was mentioned when Greg was chilling in the pool when all of a sudden he saw an iguana next to him.

The Meltdown[]

Gary Goofs Again[]

This is a weather channel that predicts the weather wrong 50 percent of the time.

Big Shot[]

The Underdogs[]


An imaginary movie created by Greg. He creates it with the idea of filming his basketball games and turning it into a movie. He obtains permission from his teammates to use their likeliness in the movie.

Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure[]

The Possession[]

See: The Possession

A movie that Greg brought over to Rowley's sleepover.

Malik Makes Good Choices[]

When Greg pulled out The Possession out of his bag it looked like a scary movie so Rowley said maybe they should watch the one his mom and dad just got him which was Malik Makes Good Choices instead.