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This page lists all of the characters in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series who have played a notable or a repeated role within the books or other media they appear in, but do not fit the guidelines for receiving their own page, whether it be due to lack of a name, a proper history, or other reasons.


Online character- Little old man

Little old man[]

When Greg Heffley was a kid he thought there was an old man living under his bed that makes it harder for him to sleep. Every night Greg would land in his bed without touching the ground when he turns off the lights.[1]


Unidentified new teacher[]

A new teacher who most likely teaches math. Greg uses her as an example of teachers being more lenient on the first day of school.[2]

Unidentified Social Studies teacher[]

This is an unidentified teacher that's the Social Studies teacher of Greg Heffley who teaches human history and social science. On the second day of school, she sat the class in alphabetical order, making Greg sit next to Alex Aruda, the smartest kid in the class and easy to copy off.[3]

Crossland principal[]

The unidentified principal of Crossland High School. When Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson came out of the Labyrinth, Ann Heffley said that she'll write a complaint letter to the crossland principal.[4]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

Unidentified reporters[]

A group of three reporters, two men and one woman, whom Greg Heffley imagines talking to about his childhood in a press conference once he is rich and famous. Along with Greg and the unidentified bully, they are among the first characters to appear in an illustration in the entire series, not including the online book.

Unidentified reading group teacher[]

This was a teacher who was responsible for the screening test. They corrected Greg when he intentionally mispronounced "book."[5][6]

Rodrick Rules[]

Todd's father

Todd's father[]

This unnamed man is presumably the father of Todd, who cheered for his son, "No mercy, Todd!" during a swim meet.

Brandon's Mom

Brandon's mother[]

This unidentified woman is presumably the mother of Brandon, a swimmer who competed against Greg Heffley. During a swim meet, she cheers for her son, shouting "Kill'em, Brandon!"

Greg's lunchmate

Greg's tablemate

Greg Heffley's unidentified tablemate[]

A boy who sits at the same table as Greg Heffley and Chirag Gupta and participates in the Invisible Chirag prank while it is going on. Greg speaks to him while ignoring Chirag after he starts punching him.[7] He later appears in The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book on the "Friends Hall Of Fame" page.[8]

Mamadou Montpierre's parents[]

The parents of Mamadou Montpierre, whom Greg Heffley imagines greeting him after he arrives as a exchange student. Mr. Montpierre asks him how he is doing in French.[9]

Community Follies

Unidentified Community Follies participants[]

Two unidentified men who perform a comedy skit for Community Follies. They are active the day Rodrick Heffley subs in for their regular drummer when he is out sick.

Dog Days[]

Character- Unidentified lifeguard

Unidentified lifeguard[]

An unnamed lifeguard that Trista strikes up a conversation with almost immediately after arriving to Rowley Jefferson's country club after he and Greg invite her there. He and Greg split off after this happens.[10]

Thunder Volt players[]

A group of people who played the arcade game Thunder Volt, performing well enough to rank within the top 10 on the game leaderboard, whose real names are unknown (with the exception of Greg Heffley). They are:

Greg Heffley Is An Idiot
  1. Greg Heffley (25320 points)
  2. Is An Idiot (25310 points)
  3. Jarhead 71 (24200 points)
  4. Reckless (22100 points)
  5. Craven1 (21500 points)
  6. Pokechimp88 (21250 points)
  7. Wild Dog (21200 points)
  8. Zippy (20300 points)
  9. Snarl Carl (20100 points)
  10. Leighandrew (19250 points)
Character- Unidentified police officer

Unidentified police officer[]

An unidentified man who is a police officer that works closely with Sergeant Peters. They respond to a 911 call made by Greg Heffley, presumably being there to arrest his father. He can also be seen sitting in the third row at 1200 Bayside with Sergeant Peters at a baseball game which is seen on the Heffleys' TV.[11]

The officer later appears throughout Cabin Fever, where he works on the case of the vandalism at Greg's middle school and collects last-minute donations for a toy drive.

Group- Boardwalk teenagers

Unidentified boardwalk teenagers[]

A group of three teenagers that shows up at the boardwalk. They are baited into a dollar bill sticking up by Greg and Rowley who pulled the dollar bill at the last second. But they found Greg and Rowley and chased after them.[12]

The Ugly Truth[]

I'm pretty sure the next kid in line is allergic to peaches

Peachy Breeze judges[]

An unidentified man and woman who were in charge of tryouts to become the new Peachy Breeze kid. When Greg Heffley attempts to impress them by jumping and clicking his heels while saying his line, he drops his ice cream by accident and the judges call for the next person in line without even asking his name.

Unidentified news people[]

Two unidentified people who works at Plainview's news station that were trying to shoot footage of kids doing activities at Red Apple Farm. They kicked Greg and Rowley out of the hay tractor and brought in a bunch of kids who did the exact same thing as Greg and Rowley. Greg notes this instance as a time where he was discriminated against his age.[13]

In the online book these people were part of a television crew.[14]


A member of the Heffley family who claimed a china cabinet in Gammie's home in advance of her passing.[15]


A member of the Heffley family who claimed a couch in Gammie's home in advance of her passing.


A member of the Heffley family who claimed a chair in Gammie's home in advance of her passing.

Cabin Fever[]

Screenshot 2022-03-04 234030 (1)

Jared Pyle's parents[]

The parents of Jared Pyle got him a dirt bike for Christmas despite him being a bad kid according to Greg who is questioning the existence of Santa Claus.

Leslie and Joanne[]

Two Heffley family members who are referenced when Greg uses Susan's email to search his gifts.[16]

Walkathon Sponsor Sheet

Walkathon participants[]

A group of people whose names appear on a Walkathon sponsor sheet, where they are signed up for various numbers of laps. Their names are:

  1. Georgette Kramer (100 laps)
  2. Tony Sinclair (150 laps)
  3. Henry Nielson (50 laps)
  4. Leslie Simpson (100 laps)
  5. Barbara Preston (150 laps)
  6. Lavar Collison (100 laps)

In addition, it is possible that two of the signatories, Tony Sinclair and Leslie Simpson, are related to Mrs. Sinclair and Adrianne Simpson respectively, as the pairs share last names.

Uncle Charlie in Cabin Fever

Plummer family[]

A nuclear family with at least two boys and one infant child. When Greg Heffley discusses his decision to not have children in the future, he draws his uncle Charlie, who is childless, riding a motorcycle greeting the Plummers.

The Third Wheel[]

Greg is praying that the plumber wouldn't use the bathroom

Unidentified plumber[]

An unnamed man who fixes the Heffley family's toilet after it becomes clogged. Greg Heffley prays that the plumber will not use the toilet after he is done fixing it, though he later worries that he is going through prayers too fast and wasting them on things like this.

Hard Luck[]

Rebel's owner[]

A person who owns a Rottweiler named Rebel who would routinely chase Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson on their way to school. He or she eventually installed an electric fence and put an electric collar on him stop him from getting out of his yard.

The Long Haul[]

Screenshot 2022-02-20 150626

Unidentified toll booth attendant[]

An unnamed toll booth attendant that the Heffleys encounter on their road trip who has a voice like a megaphone. He nearly wakes up Manny Heffley while greeting them, though Rodrick manages to stop this from happening.

Old School[]

Unidentified fired employee

Former Old-Timey Ice Cream Parlour mascot[]

An unidentified Old-Timey Ice Cream Parlour employee who got fired when he was seen by some little kids when he took Old-Timey Tobias's head off to go out for a smoke.

Frew's parents[]

The parents of Frew who, according to him, make him wake up at 5:00 AM to study for the geography bee and don't let him play laser tag because they say it's a waste of time. Not much is known about them besides that.

Unidentified Hardscrabble Farms Employee

Unidentified Hardscrabble Farms employee[]

An unnamed man at Hardscrabble Farms who works as a cook or other kitchen staff member and serves stew to people at lunch. He is physically present when Melinda Henson attempts to poison herself by eating stew.

Double Down[]

Spineticklers rip-off authors[]

Because of the popularity of the Spineticklers series two authors decides to take advantage of this and make rip-offs of the series. The two known authors are M.T. Grave who wrote Knee-Knockers My Brother Is A No-Brainer and R.U. Scared who wrote Ribtinglers The Day My Belly Button Tried to Eat Me!.

The Atomic Wedgie

Unidentified eighth-grader[]

An eighth grader who gives a kid an atomic wedgie when he is seen carrying an Underpants Bandits book around after they have gone out of style.


Unidentified morning talk show hosts[]

A man and a woman who appeared at the end of the book on an unnamed morning talk show's set with Rowley Jefferson, who came on the show after becoming famous because of a video that was taken of firemen rescuing him from up a tree.

The Meltdown[]

Homeschooled kids[]

A group of kids that live in Upper Surrey Street and fight in the Battle of Surrey Street. With no labeled pictures of them, they simply contributed very little but did form their own clan. They later fought well and made the decoy snowmen for The Surrey Street Wall.

Wrecking Ball[]


Unidentified yard sale attendee[]

An unnamed boy who attended Greg Heffley's yard sale, where he can be seen checking out figurines. He is notable for appearing nearly identical to Dean Delarosa, a boy at Greg Heffley's middle school, though he is much smaller than Dean.

Big Shot[]


Advertising characters[]

A group of imaginary vegetables that appear when Greg says that if the people who sell fruit and vegetables want to get kids eating that stuff, they are going to need to step up their advertising game. Their names are:

  1. Barry Beet
  2. Brett Broccoli
  3. Ashton Asparagus
  4. Caitlin Carrot

Diper Överlöde[]

Diper Överlöde2.2
Diper Överlöde3


The online handle of a woman Greg imagines taking a picture of him at the Toenail Fungus Clinic and posting the picture on social media, where it gains attention. In the picture, she added an arrow towards Greg's nose and asked if that's a booger.


The online handle of a person who comments "Disgusting!" on an imaginary photo of a famous Greg Heffley who may have a booger in his nose.


The online handle of a person who replies to mixmax98823's comment on an image of Greg Heffley asking if it refers to the clinic or the booger, to which trizzy72harris replies with "LOL".

Character- Trisha


A girl that was imagined as Greg's future partner who dumps on him possibly due to an image that shows Greg at the Toenail Fungus Clinic with a booger.[17]

Character- Unnamed Russo Bros worker

Unnamed Russo Bros worker[]

A worker for Russo Bros. He appears to be repairing a elevator when Löded Diper members asked him if he could listen to their song, Diper Överlöde.[18]

Character- Renegades Rock Club owner

Renegades Rock Club owner[]

This is a man who is the owner of the Renegades Rock Club. During Diper Överlöde, he baited Löded Diper into thinking he was offering them to play at the club only to have them scrape off the stickers they had put all over on his SUV.[19]

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid[]


Edible heroes[]

Two eatable super heroes who were scraped as both Greg and Rowley weren't satisfied with their ideas.[20] They are:

  • Chicken Finger Lady
  • Cheese Stick Boy
Rowley's Journal Minor Character- The Chuckster- Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid150

The Chuckster[]

A superhero who's able to throw his head like a football. He was scraped because Greg was worried about potential choking hazards.[21]

Healthy Snacks Man[]

Screenshot 2019-04-04 at 11.55

A superhero who gives kids vegetables to stay healthy. But he was scraped as they didn't like the idea.

The Squisher[]

Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 11.54.31 PM

A superhero who is a giant and steps on villains.

Pollen Lady[]


Pollen Lady is a character drawn by Greg and Rowley, when they decided to draw some superheroes. She blows pollen on villains to make them sneeze.

Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure[]

Rowley's Journal character- Shae'Vana (Baby)

Shae'Vana (baby)[]

This was a kid imagined by Greg after Rowley decides to turns the Shae'Vana in his story from a nice and kind elf to a thief. He tells Rowley that a pregnant woman would read half the book then names her baby after Shae'Vana then finds out that she named her baby after a criminal.

Rowley's Journal character- Unidentified Pregnant Woman

Shae'Vana's mother[]

This is the mother of a baby that she named "Shae'Vana" that was imagined by Greg as one of the backlashes Rowley will receive from changing the Shae'Vana in his story from a good elf to a bad one.

Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories[]


Rowan's classmates[]

A group of children who often bully Rowan for playing with babyish toys and try to act older than they really are. When Rowan comes to school not hiding himself being werewolf, they are scared of him and don't dare to mess with him. They appear in in the chapter "The Changing".[22]

Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories30

Mirror shop owner[]

A guy who owns a mirror shop store. He helped the townspeople to pull a prank on Jasper by replacing his mirrors with televisions that showed an empty pavement. He appears in the chapter "The Prankster".[23]

Yearbook photo subjects[]

A group of people, presumably students, whose images are shown in "The Scanner" when people start to miss the old days when everyone didn't look the same. Their names are:

  • Ian Channing
  • Denis Chao
  • Jillian Craft
  • Terry Crowe
  • John Crowne
  • Liv Drucker
  • James Dunn
  • Hillary Eoffer
  • Fiona Esper
  • Aiyisha Frum
  • Eloise Grant
  • Jack Gross

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010 film)[]

Quentin's Friend

Quentin's friend[]

A minor teen who is seen with Quentin teasing Greg about Rowley asking him if he wanna come over and play.

Movie character- Bright eyes kid

Bright eyes kid[]

This unidentified kid is known for his attempt to sing the line "bright eyes" as part of the lyrics in Total Eclipse of the Heart written by Welsh singer, Bonnie Tyler during an audition for The Wizard of Oz. This ended up turning into an internet meme.[24]