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This page lists all of the books, real or fictional, that have appeared and are mentioned within the storyline of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Most of these books are too minor to have a page of their own, so they might not have a page.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]


A comic book that Rowley Jefferson is reading when Greg Heffley tries to explain the concept of the Popularity List to him.

Einstein as a child[]

Object- Bink Says Boo
Einstein as a child

A book used for the Gifted Reading Group in Greg's school.

Bink says BOO[]

A book used for the Easy Reading Group in Greg's school.

How to Make Friends in New Places[]

A book that contains a bunch of jokes. The only known joke is "Knock Knock, Thermos, Thermos be some way to tickle your funny bone". This appears in Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid: Rowley Jefferson's Journal both in flashbacks when Rowley was trying to make new friends when he tried to make Greg laugh.

Greg gives Rowley a L'il Cutie Book for Christmas

Best of L'il Cutie[]

A compilation of comics from the popular newspaper cartoon Li'l Cutie gifted by Rodrick to Greg in Christmas, knowing that Greg hates it. Greg puts a bow on it and ends up giving it to Rowley, who loves it. It was the only thing on Rowley's list that his parents didn't give him

Guinness Book of World Records[]

Guinness Book of World Records is a real life book about world records that have been broken. In Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Greg talks about it, because he wants to break the record for "The Biggest Snowman Ever". However, the plan fails due to lack of enough snow.

Rodrick Rules[]

Sherlock Sammy Does It Again[]

Sherlocksammy mrbeasley

A book about a kid named Sherlock Sammy who solves crimes.

See: Sherlock Sammy Does It Again

Magick and Monsters[]

The game Magick and Monsters has books about the game. After Greg's mom came to Rowley's house to watch her son play Magick and Monsters which after Greg had enough of his mom embarrassing him, they went out to a bookstore she bought all the books about Magic and Monsters and didn't even make Greg turn in a single mom buck. She only did this so that Greg and Rodrick can play together.

The Last Straw[]

Math is Rad

Math is RAD[]

A book gifted to Greg by an unknown relative who says it will help him get a jump start on Algebra.

The Giving Tree Book

The Giving Tree[]

A real life book written by Shel Silverstein in 1964 with a photo on him on the back which scared Greg. It appears when Frank Heffley tells Greg that if he sneaks out of his bed, he'll run into Shel Silverstein.

See: The Giving Tree

Silly Bear[]

Silly Bear

A fictional short book which Susan reads to Manny.

The whole book text: "Silly Bear Yawning, Silly Bear Sad. Silly Bear Sleeping, Silly Bear Glad."

Dog Days[]

The Reading Is Fun Club Books[]

Dog Days35

These are the books brought by the boys to the Reading Is Fun Club:

  • Sudoku Insanity
  • Ultimate Video Game Cheats-Volume 8
  • Green Wasp
  • Xtreme Pop-Up Sharks

These are the books brought by Rowley and Greg during the second meeting:

Dog Days40
Object- ShadowDoom Dark Realms- Dog Days40.2

How to find Garden Fairies

Me & My Mommy-Silly Playgroup Activities

Shadowdoom-Dark Realms-Volume 9

Susan's books[]

Dog Days36

These are the books Susan wants the boys to read in the Reading Is Fun Club.

  • Little Women
    • A real life book written by Louisa May Alcott in 1869.
  • The Yearling
    • A real life book about a boy named Jody and his struggles with his family and his pet.
    • It was written by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings in 1938.
  • Old Yeller
    • A real life book written by Fred Gipson in 1942.
Object- Charlotte's Web- Dog Days41

How to make Sock Puppets[]

This was a book Greg borrowed from the library when he was eight years old and forgot to return. He has buried it in a pile of old comics, and he hasn't returned to the library since, thinking he will get arrested for failing to return the book.

Object- Your Child and Consitipation- Dog Days99.2

Your Child and Constipation[]

A book, probably something about constipation in children, where Greg's picture which he shot when he was young is used in the front cover.

Dog Days164


A book seen in Dog Days as being handed to Rowley and Greg for "entertainment" on their beach trip at Quiet Cove.

The Ugly Truth[]

Object- I Used to Be Friends with Greg Heffley- The Ugly Truth5

Greg Heffley: A Life[]

This is a fictional book imagined by Greg as his autobiography when he becomes rich and famous.

I Used to Be Friends with Greg Heffley[]

A fictional book imagined by Greg that is written by Rowley Jefferson, Greg thinks if he becomes famous and rich then Rowley would write this book as his biography to benefit from the fact that he used to be friends with someone famous.

What the Heck Just Happened to My Body
Object- Your Child Needs Headgear

What the Heck Just Happened to My Body?[]

A book for boys about puberty written by Darlene Wade. It appears in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth. On the cover of the book is a shirtless boy hitting puberty, with the book's book title being in the boy's thought bubble.

Your Child Needs Headgear[]

It is a pamphlet in The Ugly Truth, handed to Frank in Dr. Kagan's office. Kagan claimed that Greg needed to wear headgear 24/7 after the biting incident that happened during the visit to his dentist.

The Hobbit[]

Taking Care of Gregory and Rodrick

See: The Hobbit

Taking Care of Gregory & Rodrick A to Z[]

A book guide made by Susan to help Grandpa to take care of Greg and Rodrick when they were younger. According to Greg, almost the whole book is outdated such as Rodrick being allergic to fruit juice and Greg calling his sneakers "wild boys."

Cabin Fever[]

Cabin Fever108

Tower of Druids[]

A Graphic Novel written by Kenny Centazzo. Greg tries to sell this book to get enough money for Christmas presents but he couldn't because the autograph wasn't by Kenny Centazzo instead Susan got sick and tired of waiting in line so she signed it on her own which made Greg really angry. Susan did end up getting the real autograph by Kenny Centazzo at the end of the book.


The Cat in the Hat[]

A real life book written by Dr. Seuss in 1957. This appears when Greg says that when he was young whenever he started telling his mom his ideas she'd say his story was just like some book that had already been published. His mom can be seen holding the book.

Cabin Fever114

Geoffrey the Gorilla[]

A book which Greg loved and plagiarized when he was young.

Geoffrey the Dinosaur[]

A plagiarized version of Geoffrey the Gorilla written and illustrated by Greg Heffley.

The Third Wheel[]

Susan reads Oliver Twist to Greg

Oliver Twist[]

A real life book written by Charles Dickens in 1938.


Bad Bradley[]

A book written by Susan Heffley which was not published. It is about a real boy who was in Greg's preschool.

Hard Luck[]


The Slumber Party Pals[]

A book series about two friends and their friendship about always getting into a fight over little stuff.


List of known books in the series:

  • #3: Teamwork! #7: Boyfriend Trouble #9: Best Frenemies
  • #87: Lindsey Loses a Mitten

See: Slumber Party Pals

Susan Heffley's Parenting Books[]

Susan's Parenting Books

Parenting books hidden by Susan Heffley in her closet. The books shown include the following:

  • How to Talk to Today's Teens
  • Unplugging Your Kids
  • Parenting Picky Eaters
  • Taming Your Defiant Child
  • Making Them Love Reading
  • Raising a Prodigy
  • Reversing Sibling Rivalry
  • Ultra Parenting
  • Bed-Wetting for Beginners
  • Raising Decent Human Beings
  • Flipping the Script
  • Helping Your Child Deal with Loss
  • Making Friends for Your Child

The Long Haul[]

Family Frolic

Family Frolic: Adventure Awaits[]

A Family Frolic magazine that presents tips for how to have an awesome road trip.

Flat Stanley[]

A real life book written by Jeff Brown in 1984. The book is about the a boy named Stanley Lambchop who is squashed by a bulletin board.

Underpants Bandits[]

Object- Underpant Bandits

A book series written by Mik Davies. It is about two boys, Bryce and Brody who go back in time and steal underwear from famous people. The known books are:

  • Shakespeare's Skivvies
  • Napoleon's Britches
  • Cleopatra's Panties
  • Gandhi's Undergarments
  • Lincoln's Longjohns

See Underpants Bandits

A lot of work to do books

The following books below are books that Rodrick had to read for his book reports[]

  • Jane Eyre
    • A real life book written by Charlotte Brontë in 1847.
  • Moby Dick
    • A real life book written by Herman Melville in 1851.
  • A Tale of Two Cities
    • A real life book written by Charles Dickens in 1859.
  • The Lord of the Rings
    • A real life book by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien in 1954.
Choose Your Own Adventure 1

Choose Your Own Adventure Book[]

A Book that allows the reader to participate in the story by making choices. Greg never seems to get the happy ending.

Old School[]



On page 4, Frank is seen reading a book called Cars.

The Essential Book For Young Lads

The Essential Book For Young Lads[]

This was a book that was bought by Grandpa Heffley. He gave it to Frank Heffley and later to Greg when they went to Hardscrabble Farms during a field trip. This book has tips and info related to surviving in the wild.

See; The Essential Book For Young Lads

Double Down[]

Poetry Anthology

Poetry Anthology[]

Poetry Anthology is a book containing thousands of low-quality poems that kids have written worldwide.

See Poetry Anthology



A popular series of scary books written by the pseudonym I.M. Spooky. The series may be based off of the real-life R. L. Stine's Goosebumps, as well as M. T. Coffin's Spine Tinglers. The only known books are:

  • 13 - Zombies for Breakfast
  • 23 - The Brain with a Mind of Its Own
  • 48 - Wake Me Up in the Year 3000
  • 67 - My Dentist is The Devil
  • 71 - Tails, You Lose
  • 97 - My Teacher is a Cannibal

See Spineticklers


Spineticklers Junior[]

A less scary version of Spineticklers for little kids. The only known book is Scaredy Cat and The Haunted House.



A rip-off of the Spineticklers book series written by someone with the pseudonym M.T. Grave. The only known book in the series is "My Brother is a No-Brainer".


Another rip-off of the Spineticklers book series written by someone with the pseudonym R.U. Scared. The only known book in the series is "The Day My Belly Button Tried to Eat Me!"

Family Frolic in Double Down

Unnamed dream interpretation book[]

A book which explains how to make sense of dreams.

Family Frolic: Spooktastic Fun[]

A Family Frolic Magazine for Halloween.

The Meltdown[]

Blanket User's Manual[]

Blanket User's Manual

A manual made by Susan which had all the rules created by Susan to use the blanket gifted by Aunt Dorothy.

Greg looks through the Frank's warfare books

The following books below are ones that Greg read for The Battle of Surrey Street[]

  • Great Battles
  • History
  • The Art of War
  • Castles

Wrecking Ball[]

Family Frolic Yard Sale Edition

Family Frolic: Throw An Epic Yard Sale![]

A Family Frolic Magazine on yard sales.

Science Lab[]

Science Lab

A science book that was given to Greg from Rowley. Greg later tries to sell it in Wrecking Ball, and Rowley gets mad at him for doing it.

Preston Platypus[]

Preston Platypus is a fictional series of books written by an unknown author that Susan read to both Manny and Greg Heffley.

Preston Platypus books

The books known are:

  • Preston Platypus Says Goodbye
  • Preston Platypus Gets a New Babysitter
  • Preston Platypus Trick-or-Treats
  • Preston Platypus Goes to the Dentist
  • Preston Platypus Goes to the Zoo
  • Preston Platypus Says Farwell to a Friend

See: Preston Platypus

The Deep End[]

Noah's Ark Picture Book[]

Noah's Ark Picture book was a book about Noah and a huge flood that'll be enough to flood the earth so he has to carry his animals to his boat. It is a book that Susan Heffley reads to Manny before bed.

Big Shot[]

The Winner[]


One of the sports books Frank Heffley brings home from the library to try to get Greg excited about sports. It is written by Todd Friedrich and is presumably about soccer.

A Kid Named Champ[]

Another of the sports book borrowed by Frank Heffley. It is written by Collin Nixdorf and is presumably about a baseball player named Champ.

No Brainer[]

Object-Commando Crocodile- No Brainer23

Commando Crocodile[]

A fictional Australian comic series that is written by Matty Shub. It is one of the most popular comics at Greg's school and it is known for being strictly censored. The only known comics are:

  • Full Swing
  • Tunnel Vision

See: Commando Crocodile


A list of donated books to the school library[]

  • South Country Phone Book
  • Fabulous Fungi
  • Teach Your Cat Sign Language
  • Kulick Refrigerator Model XX9-42.3 Operating Manual

Winds of Desire[]

An inappropriate romance novel created by Annika Erickson that was donated to the school library.

Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure[]

Monsters Of Myth[]

This book was given to Rowley by Greg to help him chose which characters will be fighting Roland the Kind next. The book seems to contain a lot of legends and mythology characters which include the following:

Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories[]

Transylvania School For Biters[]

Transylvania School For Biters is a panflit for a school called Transylvania: School for Biters. In The Biter, Lilli's doctor hands it to her parents saying that it was a special kind of school where Lilli can learn with kids just like her. Even though the brochure looked nice her parents knew that they never could afford to go to a place like that.

The following books below are ones Victor has read[]

  • Maths
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Human Anthony
  • Botany