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This article page lists and provides information on every piece of merchandise that was thought of by either Greg Heffley or Rowley Jefferson in Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure. All of those merchandises were thought of after Rowley showed a new chapter of his story to Greg, who then shares his opinion on who would manage the money, were the book to be published and make a profit.

Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure film[]

Screenshot 2022-05-23 170850 (1)

This is the film recreation of the book which was first mentioned when Greg says the scene with the conversation of Roland the Kind and the One-Eyed Wizard would be a break since it's so tedious to watch. Greg recommends Rowley to add in a female character that is part of Roland's team or else they'll only make half the revenue.

Awesome Friendly Adventure180

Roland the Cruel[]

A movie poster for a much edgier version of the story where Roland is replaced by someone twice his age and swears.


Awesome Friendly Adventure89

Medusa's Hair Studio[]

This is a set that girls could customize Medusa's hair because she is a well-known character.

Salty Sea[]


Salty Sea is a playset that includes two islands and a ship along with Garg The Barbarian, a few unidentified pirates, and a shark.


Garg's Club[]

Screenshot 2022-02-10 184028

This is a weapon which models Garg's club that functions similar to a nerf toy.

Jeremy The Sword[]

Similar to Garg's Club, this is a nerf toy that is based off of Jeremy The Sword which originally belonged to Bampy the Brave then was later pulled out by Roland.


Baby Garg Doll[]

Awesome Friendly Adventures33.2

This is a baby version of Garg for if Rowley were to write a prequel to the story.

Garg Action Figure[]

New Project (3)

This is an action figure of Garg the Barbarian who is Roland's best friend. This figure includes a club and supposedly can say the following 3 phrases:

  • Garg Happy
  • Garg Angry
  • Garg Gassy

There's also 3 other different types of Garg action figures each one is based on a different climate shown on the map. Each of the figures contains a unique outfit and object.

Elf Girl[]

Awesome Friendly Adventures107

This is a figurine of Shae'Vana that is included in a happy meal. The french fires are swapped out with apple slices and includes a word search. It is made of plastics but was considered to swap the material out with biodegradable to make it more environment-friendly.

Peasant Action Figure[]

Awesome Friendly Adventures31

This is an action figure of Roland The Kind, the main protagonist of the story. It includes a flute, something that Roland practices every day in the book however like Greg said, it doesn't do much and told Rowley to come up with something better and as such, it was scrapped.

Sherlock Holmes[]

A figurine based on the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. Greg and Rowley gets in a conversation about the concern of his pipe which could lead to it not being sold at book fairs. Rowley tells Greg the pipe was just part of Sherlock's costume and didn't have anything in it.

Video Games[]

Trolls & Pixies Teach Multiplication[]

Both Verisons of Trolls and Pixies video games

This is a educational video game that is related to the Trolls and Pixies which rated for E or for everyone. This was suggested by Rowley after Greg suggested a violent version.

Trolls Vs Pixies[]

This will be the video game if Rowley had rewritten the last chapter where the conflict between the Pixies and the Trolls was violent instead of verbal. This is rated M for Mature.


Awesome Friendly Adventure215

Garg and friends[]

Awesome Friendly Adventure177

Another alternative cover for the book where Garg and his friends saves a certain holiday to capitalize it.

Awesome Friendly Adventures124

Hooray for Narwhals[]

Another book cover suggested by Rowley however Greg criticizes the idea, saying it'll create an audience with young children and suggests to replace it with Garg riding a seahorse instead.

Sick Wizard[]

Awesome Friendly Adventure88

An alternate cover for the book that includes sheets of stickers with gross humor.

The Adventure of Garg and Tom Sawyer[]

This was an alternate versions of the Awesome Friendly Adventure which replaces Roland with well-known characters


Awesome Friendly Adventures122

Mine Cart Chase[]

A roller coaster which is a recreation of the Mines of Murlak where a souvenir photo would cost 30 dollars each.

Awesome Friendly Adventures110

Stephen's udders[]

This is part of Greg and Rowley's future fast food restaurant where costumers could get milk on their own.

Awesome Friendly Adventures137

Midnight Mist[]

This is a cologne, suggested by Greg because girls would think Christoph is cute and could be used by guys to smell like Christoph.