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Throughout the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Greg Heffley has made numerous depictions of imaginary family members and relatives, often when discussing hypothetical situations. This page lists all such relatives that have appeared in the series, sorted by order of appearance.

The Ugly Truth[]

Unnamed son[]

A man wearing a shirt and tie who corrects his father Greg when he wears his underwear outside of his pants. Greg shows him while discussing Gammie, stating that he would always be finding ways to mess with people if he ever became 95 years old.

Hard Luck[]

Greg Jr., would you like to give a hot dot to Mr

Greg Jr.[]

Greg's imaginary son who looks identical to him. When the older Greg asks him to give a hot dog to Rowley Jefferson, he assents, calling him "Papa".

Unnamed wife and kids[]

An unnamed woman who bears a strong resemblance to a now grown up Holly Hills and a young boy and girl who appear in the same scene as Greg Jr. when Greg Heffley talks about his surprise at Rowley getting a girlfriend.

Old School[]

Futuristic kids[]

Greg's future sons who use various futuristic devices to move around instead of walking. One says "Yeah, whatever Pops!" when Greg says that people used to use their legs to move around.

Family with electronics[]

An unnamed woman bearing a vague resemblance to Abigail Brown and two boys and a girl who are playing with electronics as the family eats a meal together. Greg states that when he has kids, he'll let them play with whatever gadgets they want, because that way everyone will be happy.

Double Down[]

Dead Relatives

Deceased relatives[]

A collective group of at least ten men and women whom Greg imagines watching over him. He says that he always feels guilty whenever he copies off of Alex Aruda because of them and imagines reuniting with them will be awkward once he dies. Though none of them are named, the group may or may not contain several real people, including:


Unnamed great-grandson[]

An overweight grand-grandson of Greg's that he barely knows, whom he imagines he might end up having to watch over.

Unnamed great-nephews[]

Greg's great-nephews descended from his brother Rodrick, whom he thinks he might be forced to babysit if he freezes himself.