“Meet us back here in exactly one hour. And no scary rides for you boys.”
―Linda to Rowley and Greg before going off to Amusementland.

Linda Jefferson


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Name Linda Jefferson
Age 54
Gender Female.png
Actor Kaye Capron (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

Bronwen Smith (Dog Days)

Film Appearance? Yes
Online Appearance? Yes
Book Appearance? Yes

Linda Jefferson is Rowley's mother, Grandpa Jefferson's daughter-in-law, and the wife of Robert Jefferson


Mrs. Jefferson is perceived to Greg as highly overprotective, polite, loving, caring, showing most of these qualities to her son. Unlike her husband, Mrs. Jefferson actually seems to like Greg (or is at least more willing to put up with him) and seems okay with the boys being friends, and this has been a recurring element since Rodrick Rules. Despite this, she has been shown to also get angry at Greg at points (though always with her husband around) such as when he accidentally harms Rowley. She cares about what her son does, similar to Greg's mom Susan.


Mrs. Jefferson is a tall and skinny woman who has average sized curly hair, she is mainly decipeted with a shirt and a very long skirt that goes to her feet. She wears a night gown while going to bed, as shown in Dog Days. In the first movie,she is played by Robert Capron's mother in real life, her appearance changed a little. She was overweight, and wore a necklace and an average sized skirt. She was replaced by Bronwen Smith in the third film as Kaye was only hired for her dancing skills, as she was a self proclaimed not good actress.

Appearance in Poptropica

She appears on Wimpy Boardwalk, where she has blonde hair like her son Rowley and her husband Robert.


  • Although not making an actual appearance in The Last Straw, she was mentioned in the last sections of the book, where Greg said "Then his (Rowley’s) parents kicked us out of the house".
  • In the books, Mrs. Jefferson is thin, but in the film, Mrs. Jefferson is overweight, though this is because the people needed someone to play her, and Robert's mom was the only person left.
  • In the first movie she is played by Robert Capron actor’s real life mother. However, in the movie adaptation of Dog Days, she is played by Bronwen Smith due to Capron’s mother not being a professional actress.
  • Her first name has only been mentioned in Diary of a Wimpy Kid Online.
  • In Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School she was mentioned two times, first when Rowley got Gareth's tooth stuck in his forehead. Mr. Jefferson called her to pick Rowley up to get checked out. Then when Rowley got Poison Ivy and Mr. Jefferson having trouble breathing, the Nurse called her to come pick them both up and left.
  • She didn't appeared in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down, same as Robert Jefferson.
  • In Dog Days, Greg assumes that Mrs. Jefferson is one of those mothers who sneaks healthy food into non-healthy stuff. Greg also says Mrs. Jefferson stuffed spinach into brownies.
  • She would've been born in 1953.


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