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This unnamed woman is Lilli's mom who is featured in Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories.

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When Lilli was born she had a propensity of gnawing at everything; this led up to the point where it was disarranging Lilli's mom and her husband's life so they took her Dr. Nisha Saad for a solution. Nisha Saad apprised them that Lilli was teething and they had to monitor it themselves. Lilli's mom and dad followed Nisha's advice however Lilli never grew out of this phase and once her teeth had grew in they were keen. As Lilli grew older, her mom and dad endeavored to arrange playdates for her with other kids however they would always end up being a catastrophe. Lilli's mom and dad strived to educate Lilli to stop biting by reading her books on the matter however the lesson never sunk in and they became Lilli's most treasured thing to nibble on. After a few years, Lilli was big enough to go to Kindergarten however Lilli's mom and dad forgot to caution the teacher about her and she ended up being sent home for biting her in an inapt spot; Despaired, Lilli's mom and dad once again rushed to Nisha Saad for a solution.

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Nisha Saad administered a few tests on Lilli and after a few days she shared her results to Lilli's mom and dad elucidating that Lilli was a vampire. Lilli's mom was perplexed as to how Lilli became a vampire but she recalled that she was bitten by a vampire bat while she was pregnant so that was probably the cause. While Lilli's mom and dad were delighted to finally have answers, it still didn't solve their issue of needing Lilli to stay in school; Nisha Saad advocated them to send Lilli to a special school for vampires but while the brochure was solid it was too extortionate. Lilli's mom and dad persuaded Nisha Saad to help some other way so she advised Lilli's school about it. After being informed about it, Lilli's school made all sorts of precautions and changes to make Lilli feel included; Lilli swiftly became popular due to everyone perceiving vampires as cool. A few months later, Nisha Saad solicited an appointment for Lilli's mom and dad to inform them that she misread the test results and that Lilli was veritably just a bad kid who liked biting people. However, Lilli's mom and dad kept the results to themselves as they didn't want Lilli to sway away from doing amazing at school and be obliged to supervise her during the workday. When everyone in Lilli's class attended her birthday party, Lilli's mom and dad figured they had chosen the right option. [1]