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Li'l Cutie is a comic strip in the local newspaper Greg and his family reads. Greg and his dad hate it very much.

In Dog Days, the creator of the comic strip, Bob Post ended it in August, but his son Tyler Post who is 32 and still lives with him continued it. The comics were based on Tyler Post when he was young. Rowley loves these comics a lot. Rodrick knows Greg's hatred to these comics and buys him books with collections of the Li'l Cutie comics like "The Best of Li'l Cutie" and gives it to him every Christmas. One year, Greg gives his book to Rowley for Christmas, and Greg receives a Big Wheel. The comic is basically about a little kid who keeps asking his dad and sometimes his mom stupid questions. It was mentioned in The Ugly Truth. In the online version it is mentioned that the editors try to cancel Li'l Cutie, but a gang of old ladies threaten to cancel their subscription if they didn't bring it back, so It stayed.



  • The comic is likely a parody of The Family Circus, a comic strip that also had kids exclaiming stupid statements.
  • According to The Daily Trumpet in the film:
    • Li'l Cutie was launched in 1976.
    • More than 9000 Li'l Cutie comics were published.
    • Bob Post, an Ohio native who wrote the comics, won the industry's Comic Strip Award in 1993.