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Daddy, is rain just God sweating?
Li'l Cutie to his father

Li'l Cutie (known as Little Cutie in the online book) is a 30 year old comic strip that Greg Heffley and Frank Heffley dislike which was created by Bob Post and currently written by Tyler Post and is posted in the The Daily Trumpet. The comic appeared in the first few books in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.


Dog Days11.2

One day while having lunch, Tyler asks his father if a green bean's parents would be sad if he ate their son, which gives Bob an idea. In 1976 Li'l Cutie was created and became a hit, appearing in The Daily Trumpet and would later win the industry's Comic Strip Award in 1993. Since then, over 9,000 Li'l Cutie comics were published however as Tyler was getting older his father started having trouble coming up for new ideas and so during the events of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days Bob announces he would be retiring, and the final comic will be printed in August. [1]

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However, in August, Tyler Post announced in the newspaper he would continue Li'l Cutie, stating he didn't have a job, or anything planned and decided to continue his father's comic.[2] The first new Li'l Cutie comic printed a few days later. Greg considered it to be worse than the original. [3]


Object- Best of Li'l Cutie

Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

Knowing Greg's hatred to these comics, Rodrick Heffley gives him a copy of "Best of Li'l Cutie" every Christmas. [4] Greg ended up handing it to Rowley Jefferson who enjoyed his gift. [5]

Dog Days[]

Greg states he only has two things to look forward this summer one of them is the final Li'l Cutie comic running through in August. Since the creator's announcement, he and Frank had been counting down the days and even considered throwing a party on that day.[6]

Later, Greg turned over the newspaper page to an ad saying that the paper was looking for a cartoonist to replace Li'l Cutie. Greg said he was looking for an opportunity like this for a while since his last comic at school.[7]

After Frank had to drive four hours at night just to pick Greg up, he was in a really bad mood and the announcement of Li'l Cutie's reboot also adds a nail to the coffin.[8] But Frank and Greg reconnected after the first copy of the new Li'l Cutie comic came out in the paper.[9]

The Ugly Truth[]

While Li'l Cutie doesn't have a physical appearance, Greg mentions that Frank hates the Peachy Breeze kid more than him.[10]


It is mentioned that Frank tried to cancel Little Cutie on multiple occasions but fails. Greg said 10 years ago the editors got rid of the Li'l Cutie comics in the newspapers, but a bunch of old ladies threaten to cancel their subscription if they didn't bring it back.[11] In the book version, the mention of the strike is instead given to Precious Poochie.


  • The comic is likely a parody of The Family Circus, a comic strip that also had kids asking their parents crazy questions.
  • He may also be a parody of Buddy from Looney Tunes as both are widely hated.
  • According to The Daily Trumpet in the film:
    • Li'l Cutie was launched in 1976.
    • More than 9000 Li'l Cutie comics were published.
    • Bob Post, an Ohio native who wrote the comics, won the industry's Comic Strip Award in 1993.




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