Leon Ricket
Leon Ricket-0
Name Leon Ricket
Age 13-14
Gender Male
Actor None
Film Appearance? No
Online Appearance? No (replaced with Kenny Keith)
Book Appearance? Yes

Leon Ricket was a bully in Greg's school. He was in detention for almost throwing a chair at a wasp that sat on the window in homeroom, but was stopped by the teacher and sent to detention. In The Last Straw Greg got a detention for sleeping in the class. When he got to detention, he took the only free seat in front of Leon. Leon kept bothering Greg, but Mr. Ray caught him and gave him a last warning. Greg didn't want Leon to trouble him, so he slapped his arm and screamed to fake that he was being bullied by him, Mr. Ray, who was looking the other side, looked back and told Leon he is going to stay for a half hour more and will come for another detention the next day.



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