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I've been going to Spag Union Prep School. They really turned me around. You may remember I was a bit of a troublemaker.
Lenwood to Frank Heffley at the public town pool

Lenwood Heath is a delinquent teenager who was shipped off to Spag Union during the events of The Last Straw and the Dog Days movie. His positive transformation after going there inspires Frank Heffley to try to send his son Greg there as well.


The Last Straw[]

Initially, Lenwood was an extremely delinquent person with long hair. He was described by Greg as the baddest teenager in his neighborhood and was sort of like Frank's archenemy. Eventually, his parents send him off to a military academy called Spag Union.

At Spag Union, Lenwood is shaped into a more respectable person over the next few months. He gets a crew cut haircut and starts trying to get good grades at Spag Union so that he can get into West Point. Lenwood returns to his hometown over spring break and works at a local movie theater.

When Frank, Greg, and Rodrick Heffley visit the movie theater one night, Frank recognizes him immediately, though Greg doesn't realize who he is until he looks at his name tag. Frank and Lenwood begin a long conversation where they discuss Lenwood's current situation and his enrollment at Spag Union, and Greg and Rodrick enter the theater and get refreshments. Frank spends the rest of the night in a good mood.

As a result of his conversation with Lenwood, Frank decides to send Greg to Spag Union, though he ultimately relents right before he is to be shipped out.

Dog Days (2012 film)[]

Lenwood is seen working as a lifeguard at the city pool. When Greg sees his dad's reaction to Lenwood's change in behavior due to him attending a military school, he gets worried that his dad would get the idea to send him to the same military school that Lenwood's parents sent him to. Rodrick was also dismayed at how Lenwood looked and believed that military school turned him into a lame person.


Lenwood plays the same role in the online book. According to Greg, the academy he was sent to was in Pennsylvania.[1]


  • In the online book, Lenwood's facial features appear bigger than they do in the book series.
  • By Greg's count, Frank Heffley has called the police on Lenwood about fifty times (twenty times in the online book).
  • It's possible that Lenwood is or was friends with Rodrick Heffley, and that they go to the same school.
  • It's possible that Lenwood is related to Olivia Heath, as they both share the same last name.




The Last Straw[]

Dog Days Movie (2012)[]