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Hey! Who's the dummy here?
Leland during his ventriloquism act

Leland Baumgardner is Rowley Jefferson's next-door neighbor who replaced Heather Hills as Rowley's babysitter in Rodrick Rules. According to Rodrick Heffley, Leland is the biggest nerd at his high school.


Rodrick Rules[]

When Greg Heffley comes to Rowley's house one night when he is being babysat, Leland unexpectedly answers the door instead of Heather. As Greg is about to leave, Leland invites him inside to play a game called Magick and Monsters, which he finds that he enjoys.

Greg starts going to Leland's house every day after school to play Magick and Monsters, eventually drawing his mom's suspicion. She comes along with him to one of their games to see what it's about. Eventually, she asks to join the game, so Leland sets up a character for her, even though Greg tries to signal to him that it's a mistake. The rest of the game progresses awkwardly, as she doesn't understand or approve of some of the game's mechanics.

During the Winter Talent Show, Leland does a ventriloquism act that earns the grand prize, because the judges think that it is "wholesome". This makes Greg wonder if Rodrick is right about him being a nerd.

Rodrick Rules (2022 film)[]

Just like the book, Leland does a ventriloquism act for the talent show. But this time he doesn't win the grand prize as nobody besides Grandpa and Frank Heffley finds amusing.[1]


  • In Wimpy Wonderland, it's shown that he lives on 32 Learly Street.
  • In Rodrick Rüles (2022 film) his full name is revealed on a pamphlet showing all the acts at the Winter talent show.[2]
  • He may have been replaced by Fregley in the Rodrick Rules movie, as Fregley did a ventriloquism act for the talent show during it.
  • In the online book, he is noted to be a very good gamer.
  • In the online book, it's explained that Lori Matthews (Heather Hills online version) got fired for after she sent Rowley to bed and went outside to smoke a cigarette but got caught by Rowley's father. In Rodrick Rules, it's not explained why Leland became Rowley's new babysitter, though it's possible that Rowley's parents found out about what Greg has been doing and tried to put a stop to it.



Rodrick Rüles (2022 film)[]


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