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Leisure Towers (known as Leisure World in the online book and Leisure Village in the Rodrick Rules 2011 film) is a retirement community for elders in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. It is where Grandpa Heffley lived until the events of Old School.


Rodrick Rules[]

At one point, Greg and Rodrick are forced to stay with Grandpa at Leisure Towers. Mom and Dad say that they can't trust them to be home alone because the last time that happened, they threw a party. Greg says that Grandpa's apartment is boring because the only thing he watches on TV is the security camera in the lobby. In this visit, they watch Barry Grossman as he leaves to go on a three-hour walk. Grandpa made "Watercress salad" for dinner, and Greg tried to avoid eating it by stuffing it into his pants pockets. After dinner, Greg, Rodrick and Grandpa play Gutbusters, Grandpa's favorite board game. Greg writes that he always wins, because Grandpa's idea of humor is old fashioned and Rodrick likes to torture Greg by fake-laughing milk onto him. Greg was forced to sleep with Grandpa after Rodrick called dibs on the couch, and thinks that his parents are trying to teach him a lesson from covering for Rodrick.

Dog Days[]

The residents at Leisure Towers admire Precious Poochie so much so that they protested to keep him in the newspaper when threatened of being cancelled.

Cabin Fever[]

When Greg was in Troop 133 he went over to Leisure Towers to see if any elderly people needed help carrying groceries as part of his badge. Rodrick and Greg did find an old lady who needed to go to the nearest Supermarket, where they gave her a ride. However, they quickly found out that she was going towards the Supermarket that was recently built instead of the one 5 miles away from it. They tried to give her a ride, but she refused and ended up reporting Greg and Rodrick.

Hard Luck[]

According to Greg and his dad, the women outnumber the men 10 to 1, and that many of the female residents would try winning Greg's grandfather over with things like casseroles and baked goods.

Old School[]

Leisure Towers increased the rent making it impossible for Grandpa to afford, making him move in with Greg and his family.

Wrecking Ball[]

It is mentioned again, when Greg compares Heaven to Leisure Towers because of the high elder population and that people's age is frozen.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (2011 film)[]

It serves most of its role from the book with the biggest change being the Hills family visiting there. Greg ends up running into Holly Hills who apologizes to Greg for calling him “Fregley”. They then get roped into a conversation about their similar relationships with their siblings. It is worth noting that Holly's grandmother lives here.

Known Residents[]