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Leisure Towers, known as Leisure World in the online book and Leisure Village in the film, is a retirement community for elders in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series. Grandpa Heffley lived here. It is shown in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (film) that Holly Hills' grandmother lives here.



Rodrick Rules

Greg and Rodrick stay there with Grandpa because Frank and Susan don't trust them to stay home after the party.

Dog Days

It makes a brief appearance when Greg talks about when the newspaper tried to cancel Precious Poochie but four bus load senior citizens from Leisure Towers showed up at the newspaper offices downtown and didn't leave till they got there way.

Cabin Fever

In Cabin Fever Greg mentions that when he was in the boy scouts, he was trying to earn his service project merit badge badge and Susan said that he should go over to Leisure Towers to see if there were any elders who needed help carryinng groceries or stuff like that and when Greg and Rodrick got to the parking lot they saw an old lady who looked like she was lost. The lady said she was walking to the supermarket on the other side of the building but Greg knew there was one 5 miles away in the opposite direction so they said they'd give her a ride but turns out there was a brand new supermarket a block away from Leisure Towers and she was heading there and she must've called the local TV station because last night they were on the news.

Hard Luck

When Greg talks about Mikey he mentions that Grandpa has a girlfriend but he probably shouldn't be surprised a his dad says that the women outnumber the men 10 to 1, and that many of the female residents would try winning Greg's grandfather over with things like casseroles and baked goods.

Old School

In Old School, Leisure Towers increased the rent making it impossible for Grandpa to afford, making him move out and move in with Greg and his family.

Wrecking Ball

It is mentioned again in Wrecking Ball, when Greg compares Heaven to Leisure Towers because of the high elder population.

Rodrick Rules (film)


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