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Legends of Yesteryear is a convention where fans can meet celebrities to ask them questions and get their stuff autographed. It appears in Diper Överlöde, the 17th installment of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

Diper Överlöde116

Greg Heffley recalls his father, Frank Heffley taking him to the convention when he was a kid. Frank was desired to meet some of the main actors of a fantasy show he watches. He was disappointed to find none of them there but was still delighted to talk to the minor cast. Greg says there were also retired athletes and stars who fell out of relevancy present as well. Fast forward to present time, we see Rodrick Heffley and his band, Löded Diper eager to meet Warwick Sprinter, the lead guitarist of Metallichihuahua.

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They had brought a ton of stuff to be autographed however, they were stopped by the attendee who informed them that they weren't allowed to bring any items from home. After they put their stuff away, they looked for Warwick and found him in the back. Rodrick and his bandmates asked him some questions, one of them involved the band's drummer, Sebastian Sleeves who hadn't been heard of in nearly twenty-five years. Warwick offered the band a magazine containing Sebastian's last interview for twenty-five dollars however by that point the band got a little bit uncomfortable and left.[1]




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