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Laurel Stringer is a girl who goes to the same church as Greg Heffley, who babysits her younger brother Wesley while attempting to ask her to the Valentine's Day Dance. She appears in The Third Wheel.

Prior to the dance, Greg tries to become friends with Laurel so that he can eventually be her partner at the school dance.[1] Her family comes over for dinner one night, and Mrs. Stringer asks Greg if he could babysit Laurel's brother, Wesley.[2] He agrees, but gets locked out of the house by Wesley who destroys the Stringer's house by riding his bike inside. Eventually, he manages to get back in, but lands inside Laurel's bedroom and decides to warm up in her bed briefly before going after Wesley. He is found there when the Stringers get home and is presumably fired afterward.

Greg hopes that all of them will have a good laugh about it down the road, though he thinks that Mr. Stringer won't forgive him for a long time.[3]


  • Laurel's mother, Mrs. Stringer, states that Laurel is often hanging out with her friends on the weekend, so it can be assumed that Laurel has some popularity.
  • According to Greg, Laurel's family lives in a really nice house, so it can be assumed that her family may be well-off.




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