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Latricia Hooks is a six-foot-two high school junior who lives on Upper Surrey Street in the one-story house across from the duplex. She appears in The Meltdown and makes a cameo in Wrecking Ball.

Rodrick won't go anywhere near Latricia because she used to bully him when he was Greg's age.[1] She has a sister named Victoria Hooks. During the Battle of Surrey Street she can be seen punching Speed Bump in the face.[2] She and Speed Bump also dump garbage cans on the Lower Surrey Street kids.[3] During the war at the end she is seen punching a person in the face.[4] She later makes a cameo in Wrecking Ball during the Heffley's moving-away party.[5]


  • Latricia Hooks is one of the only characters in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series with a confirmed height, standing at exactly 6' 2" (187.96 cm) tall.




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