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This page lists all the companies that sponsored Larry Mack Middle School during No Brainer.

Hallway Advertisements[]


These are posters of the companies logos plastered throughout the school hallways. Such companies include:

  • Midtown Aquarium
  • Clean Spring Water
  • Unidentified fast food company

Purple Blast[]

A soda company whose ad is plastered onto a water fountain; the ad promotes students to drink Purple Blast instead of water.[1]

Triple-Decker Treats[]


A soft-serve ice cream company who has stickers of their logo on the floor. These direct students to Triple-Decker Treats and ever since, kids have been departing early to go purchase ice cream.


Clean Breeze[]

A air sanitizer spray that eliminates any unwanted odors. Their advertisements are plastered into students' lockers.[2]

Bull's-Eye Grocery[]


A discount grocery store that paid to attach a sticker of their company in the urinals. It has a target for students to direct at for the most cost efficient prices. The company is most likely a parody of Target.


These are classrooms that companies have sponsored to promote their brands. Ever since, English class has transformed into Davidson's Dictionary Center and Social Studies into Island Getaways Travel Company Hub.[3]


Murlok's Gate[]

A video game company who sponsored the computer lab and went outrageous with their branding. The company also donated the latest computers to the lab that contain some of their most popular games preinstalled. It's likely a refrence to Baldur's Gate.[4]


Pampered Loungewear[]

A company who produces luxury pajamas that sponsored the teachers lounge and provided it with robes and slippers. Due to this sponsor, the High Flyers Club members avoid going to class more often.


Stapler Ad[]

A small advertisement on a stapler that promotes the doctor Johnny D.[5]

Object- Science Scoffer- NoBrainer113

Science Scoffer[]

A possible pseudoscientific magazine that includes a sample of one of their publications in the Science textbooks.[6]

Blisterin' Hot Chips[]


A food distributor that produces spicy potato chips. The company apparently paid a lot to be the exclusive school snack distributor as the vending machines are stocked with their snacks, nobody is allowed to eat a different brand and their ads are all over the school newsletters.[7]

Unnamed plumbing company[]


An unnamed plumbing company that acquired the rights to the gymnasium. The changes that have derived from this purchase have been the school kit which has been updated to include their logo and the mascot which has been changed from “Fudgy” to “Flushy”. All these changes have been unpopular with students.[8]



An exterminator business that formerly operated for the school and bid to rename it to promote their company. Since they were the only company who offered, they secured the bid and organised a press conference with the school to declare the deal.[9]



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