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Larry Mack Junior Middle School (previously named Larry Mack Middle School, and later 1-800-DED-BUGS Middle School) is the middle school that Greg Heffley currently attends. It appears throughout the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series, though its name remained unknown until it was revealed in No Brainer.

The school is currently named after Larry Mack Junior, a millionaire whose investment in the school allowed it to reopen. The current temporary principal for the school is a cleaning robot that was initially installed to replace some of the janitorial staff.



The school offers a host of after-school activities and different clubs. Known ones include the Drama Club, Math Club, French Club, Yearbook Club which Greg joined, Board games club, Foreign-Relation Club, Poetry Club, Free Hugs Club, and a Pillow-Fighting Club. Some clubs even pay students for their contributions. Greg joined the yearbook club to escape the Mingo kids but quits after he has to take a picture of Rowley and Abigail.


The yearbook as it appeared in the online version


The school has an untitled yearbook that releases every year. Greg has tried to get Holly Hills to sign it due to his crush on her.

Summer School[]

The school has summer school services for students who get very low marks and are struggling. It is rumored that during summer school, the school shuts off air-conditioning to save money, and it is also rumored that the English teacher is Mr. Meeks, the school janitor.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid []

The yearbook takes a small but important role in the first book as Greg tries to get a title in it to get famous. Greg and Rowley came up with Zoo-Wee-Mama, but Greg got tired of it and left it. He then made Creighton the Cretin which the teacher edited to morph it into their advertisement for the school library. [1] Thinking this would make other think of him as a teacher's pet he leaves it, causing Zoo-Wee-Mama to enter and become famous, winning Rowley class clown and left stain on their friendship.[2]

The Third Wheel[]

Only little is mentioned about it here, the only mention is that the news of Jamar Law's head getting stuck in the chair got published in it.

Hard Luck[]

Unlike Cabin Fever, most school playground equipment and junk food is brought back. The "Tell a Teacher" station on the school blacktop is changed to a "Find a Friend" station to encouraged a "positive atmosphere". To escape the Mingo kids after school, Greg decides to join the yearbook club and work on the yearbook. It was almost finished, but they needed photographs so Greg becomes a photographer as he was paid $5 for every photo. He couldn't find interesting photographs so he took photographs of random people and started editing them. Then the results came and he took photos of the winners, he wasn't surprised by most of them. Alex Aruda won most likely to succeed, Bryce Anderson won best hair, Cecila Faramir won the most talented, Jenna Stewart won for best dressed and Fregley got voted most popular. He was fine with most but got angry seeing Rowley and Abigail winning cutest couples. He took their photos and later quit his job.

Wrecking Ball[]

Greg said that his school has bigger issues because of the test that they had to take and the teachers have been trying to prepare them for weeks, because of that the results do really matter. Just last year, his school did really badly on this test last year, and if that happens again, the school decided to have budget cuts. This means that some teachers could lose their jobs. Greg also said that the school might have to cut some subjects like Art and Music. He wished that what kids had to say in a cut because if Greg could decide, Phys Ed would've been on the chopping block a long time ago. He also said that the teachers have been really stressed out about the upcoming test and the last few weeks haven't been a lot of fun. This caused a lot of pressure for the kids to be stressed out as well. The school brought a Stress Puppy into the library to help everyone relax. Unfortunately, the kids got too grabby with the puppy, causing the puppy to be stressed out, running around in circles and peeing all over the place, resulting in the school being taken away it replaced it with a Stress Lizard so that no one wanted to touch that thing. When Susan got the test results for Greg, she was not in a mood to cheer up because of their Heffley's Kitchen Extension had been destroyed by the council and Mrs. Tuttle's order. Greg said that he was not the only one he has poor results, his class also did poorly and he can tell the reason why. He said that during the middle of the test, some kid let the Stress Lizard out of its tank, causing everyone to freak out when the it was on the loose, making them really hard to concentrate. As a result, everyone failed the test because of this incident, the school decided that they are going to lose its funding and Susan is not really happy about it. In fact, she was so upset that she decided that they should move so that they can live in a better school district,

No Brainer[]

We are introduced to the name, the principal, and the problems. Principal Bottoms introduced the Flying Club and the platinum version as well. There was a shortage on, Dry erase markers, School products, Keyboards, Teachers and cockroach infestations spread like wildfire, Many people rented the C wing and was closed for a while due to low test scores. The students went to Fulson Tech or Slacksville Middle School and some went to private school, changing student's school. Larry Mack Jr invested on the school to reopen after Greg's date at the restaurant where his Latin Teacher worked in after the shortage, which made Larry impressed. Many teachers went to holidays during the shut down and Principal Bottoms was living in the Caribbean so the robot took over as temporary principal.


You can simply see a yearbook at the end of the book, titled, "Steppin' Out".

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  • In the book series, the school is named after Larry Mack, the school's former principal who is currently in jail.
  • There are many instances in which rules specified in certain books are omitted in later ones. For example, in Cabin Fever, junk food is banned and playground equipment has been removed due to a number of accidents. However, in The Third Wheel and later books, you can see students eating junk food like pizza, burgers, and Greg can be seen on a swing.
    • A likely explanation is that the school rules were changed between books likely because the previous rules either didn't work or made things worse for the school itself (ex. the rise of black markets and illicit trade within the school).
  • In The Long Haul, only the bathrooms and the library appear, making this the first time that a class or hall is not shown in a book.
  • On the neighborhood map on wimpykidclub.co.uk, the school is located near Holly's house on Pleasant Street, meaning it may be on Pleasant Street. It is also shown in Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book.
  • In the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book, Greg says that the second-floor boy's bathroom has no stall doors.
  • In The Last Straw, Greg states that the bus stop to their school was relocated to Whirley Street. However, in Hard Luck, Greg is shown riding a school bus.
  • In The Ugly Truth, it is revealed that the school cannot afford to get new books. Therefore, students get hand-me-downs which at that point, has been heavily vandalized by drawings.
  • It could possibly be a feeder school to Crossland High School.



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