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Don't burn your bucks on a lemon!
Larry Mack Junior's tagline in commercials

Larry Mack Junior is the son of Larry Mack and the proprietor of multiple car dealerships, formerly operated by his father. He appears in No Brainer as the father of Sophie Mack and Larry Mack Junior Junior. He owns Larry Mack Junior Middle School.

Following his father's imprisonment, Larry Mack Junior decided to relinquish his education in order to pursue his father's car dealerships. Greg suspects that he doesn't have any regrets, judging from his commercials as he seems to be doing just fine.[1] Greg states that he if he was him, he wouldn't have his family name on one of the worst performing middle schools in the state as that probably lowers his car dealership disposals.[2]

When Greg gets the assurance to ask out his daughter, Sophie, on a date, he quickly begins reconsidering his decision when discovers that he is her father. Sophie didn't specify which town Greg lived in before Larry Mack Junior drove to pick him up which might have been intentional since he seem too impressed that he resided in a lower class neighbourhood. Since Greg never encountered someone as famous as Larry Mack Junior, he was a little anxious and he tried making conversation about cars but he probably sounded unfamiliar to it.

After their date to the cinema where Larry Mack Junior simultaneously monitored them, they visited a fast-food chain where he begins interrogating Greg since he doesn't believe he is fit for his daughter. Just then, Greg comes across his old Latin teacher, Mr. Leyton, now working as a restaurant waiter and he places an order to him in the nonsensical 'Latin' that he was taught. This impresses Larry Mack Junior and he is now curious as to what type of student he is and if he had any talents he could share. Sophie tells him that he seemingly invented Fudgedogs and the two discuss about what it's like to operate a successful business.

Larry Mack Junior decides that the reason why Greg was so bright was because of the education he received at his old school and he donates a fortune to reopen it under his namesake. Despite it costing a fortune to reopen, he immediately gets recompensed from the half of his father's purloined money, found buried inside the school.[3] Greg still encounters Larry Mack Junior at school as he inspired him to finish his education but he doesn't attend full time since he still has to operate his car dealerships.[4]




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