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Larry Mack's statue was a sculpture at Larry Mack Middle School of the infamous car salesman that once operated as the school's principal. The statue resided in the school's front courtyard and it appears in No Brainer.

After Larry Mack got renowned for his car dealerships, the school decided to rename themselves after him and erect a statue in his honor. But after he was imprisoned for having been discovered to have purloined from the school, the school ended up dismantling the statue but left his shoes since they were unable to detach it from his pedestal.[1]

During the days leading up to the standardized exam, students left candles near Larry Mack's statue and made offerings in hopes that it would help them pass the exam. However, after it began becoming a fire hazard, the school ended up dousing it.[2]


After Larry Mack Junior donates a fortune to reopen the school under his namesake, he ends up updating the statue to mark the reopening.[3]




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