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Tell ‘em LARRY sent ya!
Larry Mack's catchphrase

Larry Mack was a car dealership owner and the former principal of Larry Mack Junior Middle School. He appears in No Brainer as the parental grandfather of Sophie Mack and Larry Mack Junior Junior.

Larry owned many car dealerships and he operated as the school's principal for ten years. He was well respected to the point that the school was renamed after him and they erected a statue in his honor. But after opening up his 5th car dealership, news reporters discovered that he had been purloining from the school in order to establish his own business, resulting in him being arrested at one of his dealerships.

Following his arrest, the school ended up taking down his statue but left his shoes since they were unable to remove it from his pedestal. Despite that the school never renamed the building, which Greg Heffley believes is because people like being associated with a renowned figure even if they are notorious for doing something awful.

Despite his imprisonment, Larry Mack still earns money from his autobiography which apparently sold a ton of copies. Greg knows that his school purchased at least fifty copies because it takes up least two shelves in the school library. Albert Sandy circulates a rumor around school that Larry Mack only expended half of his purloined money and the rest is still buried inside the school; this causes pupils to get riled up, hunting for his lost riches.[1]

Later, Greg mentions that following Larry Mack's imprisonment, his son, Larry Mack Junior, relinquished his education to pursue his father's car dealerships.[2] Greg states that if Larry Mack Junior could repay his father's purloined money to the school, it could actually help turn things around. But ever since then his family moved out of the state and he probably hasn't reflected on the school in a while.[3]

During the days leading up to the standardised exam, pupils leave candles near Larry Mack's statue and make offerings in hopes that it will help them pass the exam.[4] After, Larry Mack Junior donates a fortune to reopen the school under his namesake, he ends up getting recompensed with the half of Larry Mack's purloined money which was found buried inside the school.[5]


  • According to his mugshot, Larry Mack's head is about two inches tall, and he stands at 5' 11", making him one of the few characters in the series with a confirmed height.




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