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The Ladybug Phone is a phone that appears in both the Dog Days book and film and Hard Luck. It was given to Greg Heffley as a birthday present from Susan and Frank Heffley. The phone only has 2 buttons, one to call home, and one to call 911, in case of an emergency.


Dog Days[]

Greg opens the first wrapped gift on his birthday that was from Frank and Susan. The gift was small and heavy which Greg thought was a good sign but was shocked once he opened it. Greg thought the phone was useless upon receiving because it didn't have a keypad and it only had two buttons.[1]Later on, Greg used it to call the police, thinking that Frank was going to sell him.[2]

The ladybug is last seen in Greg's birthday photo taken by Susan for her album.[3]

Hard Luck[]

Greg says he has been asking for his own phone forever but Susan always says he already has one talking about the ladybug phone which Greg says is more like a preschool toy.[4]

Dog Days (film)[]

When Greg is about to leave with Rowley to the beach, his parents give him a phone before he goes. The phone is a ladybug phone, which had the same functions as in the book. Later in his room at the beach he uses the phone to try to call his family to pick him up, but to no avail, and accidentally presses 911. When he hangs up from hitting the wrong button, the operator assumed he is in danger, and the police show up. Rowley's father answers the door, but accidentally takes with him the knife he was using to cut bread, resulting in him getting apprehended by the police. Later, things with the police get sorted out, and Frank shows up to take Greg home.


  • It appears to be a parody of the Firefly Mobile Phone.
  • Greg is shown to not take it to school. This is possibly due to him not wanting to get teased by his classmates or his father took it away after what Greg did.
  • In the Australian version of Dog Days, the 911 button is replaced by a 000 button due to differences in police hotline numbers.



Dog Days[]

Hard Luck[]

Dog Days (2012 film)[]


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