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Ladybug is a phone that appears in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, both the book and movie. It was a present from Susan and Frank on Greg's birthday. The phone only has 2 buttons, one to call home, and one to call 911, in case of an emergency. Later on, Greg used it to call the police, thinking that his dad was going to sell him, but he was actually taking him to a baseball game. Later, the police are shown at the stadium, possibly because Dad gave them the tickets.

Like in the book, Greg obtained it on his birthday, and it had the same functions. While Greg used it to call the police on Frank in the book, he uses the phone to try to call his family to pick him up, but to no avail, and accidentally presses 911. When he hangs up from hitting the wrong button, the operator assumed he is in danger, and the police show up. Rowley's father answers the door, but accidentally takes with him the knife he was using to cut bread, resulting in him getting apprehended by the police. Later, things with the police get sorted out, and Frank shows up to take Greg home.

It is later mentioned in Hard Luck.


  • It appears to be a parody of the Firefly Mobile Phone.
  • Greg is shown to not take it to school. This is possibly due to him not wanting to get teased by his classmates.


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