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Hey, leave the rocking to us, okay? It's what we do!
Rodrick to Greg Heffley at Heather Hills' Sweet 16 in the Dog Days film

Löded Diper is a rock band that is founded by Rodrick Heffley. Its main appearance is in Diper Överlöde. Additionally, the drum set appears in Cabin Fever and The Long Haul and the band's van appears in the books Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Rodrick Rules, The Ugly Truth, Cabin Fever, Old School, Double Down, and Wrecking Ball.

Background []

Books and films[]

When Rodrick attended Westmore Middle School, he became friends with Drew and Ward, both of whom later became members of the band.

Sometime later, Rodrick decides to start a band which was embraced by Susan Heffley and bought his first drum set in the hopes of becoming a family band much to Frank Heffley's displeasure who opposed the idea.[1]

According to Greg Heffley, Rodrick met Bill Walter while camping out the night before a concert. Bill had been voted "Most Likely to Become a Rock Star" in a class yearbook when he was Rodrick's age, which Greg figures is the main reason Rodrick convinced him to join his band.

Sometime along the road, Ward quits his job as the band's security guard and a new member named Mackie, joins as the band's guitarist.

It's commonly thought that the band's spelling is to look cool -- but Greg suspects that his older brother genuinely doesn't know how to spell, probably based on a couple of factors.

  1. Academically-speaking, Rodrick's been shown to be a rather poor student.
  2. Greg considers his older brother to be the worst speller in the family. This may be true, especially since Rodrick had spelled "Sweetie" as "Sweaty" on Sweetie's bowl.

In Rodrick Rules (2011 film), Rodrick invites Bill to join the band only for him to kick Bill out after performing Explöded Diper. The reason is before performing, Bill tried to kick Rodrick out of the band. In Dog Days, Greg and Rowley Jefferson volunteer to be the band's roadie at Heather Hills' Sweet 16.


During the summer, Rodrick initially wanted an electric guitar for his new band. However, Frank Heffley talked him into getting a drum set because one of the neighbors was selling one at a cheap price. [2]


Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

Object- Löded Diper van- Diary of a Wimpy Kid30

Greg introduces his brother's heavy metal band as awful and untolerable. He also introduces the iconic Löded Diper van which has "Löded Diper" spelled on it which he believes to be a genuine spelling error. Greg explains Frank dislikes the band due to their heavy metal music while Susan doesn't mind.[3]

Rodrick Rules[]


Dog Days[]

Dog Days109

The band was hired by Slipslide Water Park to perform a show near the wave pool the previous summer. The band members ask one of the employees if they could help them set up a smoke machine so they can have some special effects. They ended up messing up as they set up a bubble machine instead which contributes to Rodrick's bad memory of the park.[4]

Old School[]

When Billy Rotner followed Greg out of the town park he recognized him as he used to hang out in the basement when Löded Diper practiced.[5]

Wrecking Ball[]

When Rodrick thought, the builders were going to use a wrecking ball to smash through the wall to connect it to the extension, he thought he could do a music video with his band when it happened. But when Löded Diper got there, they realised the builders had already opened the wall with a power saw.[6]

Later, Susan lets Löded Diper play on the back deck during the moving party.[7]

Diper Överlöde[]

The biggest role that the band has had in the entire series, Greg talks about how Rodrick's convinced that his band will eventually make it big. Greg doesn't seem too sure about this -- aside from the band's name, Greg notes that there are many obstacles in the way of Löded Diper's to "make it big." To name at least three:

  1. They still practice in the basement of the Heffley-house (which Frank and Susan clearly don't like).
  2. The band hasn't performed at an actual show in at least a year.
  3. Bill (the band's 35-year-old lead singer) is the only member of the group who's not in high school (and possibly the only member who's legally an adult), which severely limits what the band can and can't do.

However, Rodrick figures that the band can still make it big if they win the annual Battle of the Bands, just like Metallichihuahua did -- while Greg clearly thinks that his older brother's band doesn't have much of a chance of actually winning a competition like that (not matter how hard they work), he decides to keep track of their activities just in case.

Diper Överlöde18

The band went to Goodwill to get some clothes that'll make them look like rock stars. Bill put together an outfit that looked like he was a lead singer of a rock band, but half of the clothes Bill bought were donated by his grandma and she made him return them back. Mackie told the members that they could just buy rock star costumes instead. But the costumes did not look anything like they did on the packaging.

Diper Överlöde20

The next day, Rodrick got Susan to take pictures of the band for posters and album covers in the Heffley's backyard. After many photos, they ditched their rock star costumes and used the stuff around them to the best of their ability. Susan told them they looked too serious and got them to lighten up for the next pictures. Eventually it got too cold outside, so they moved their business inside, Greg took over photographer duty because Susan was busy with other stuff. Rodrick wanted photos that told people what Löded Diper is all about, so they went to the bathroom. After seeing the pictures none of them looked professional enough for them. Mackie remembered there was a studio at the mall that can take photos that look proficient for a cheap price, so everyone piled into the van and headed to the mall. Apparently, the studio was for babies but by that point the band decided to go for it. The photographer took many pictures of the band but none of them fit what Löded Diper is looking for.

Diper Överlöde30

The band entered a Hands on a Van competition at a local car dealership to supersede their old van because it got rear-ended; breaking the back doors making it impossible to transport their equipment for shows. Drew and Mackie got eliminated quickly due to inconveniences, but Rodrick and Bill put up a hard fight and almost won have they not taken their hands off to shake on a deal.

Diper Överlöde37

Löded Diper tried to build up a following on social media by posting clips of them playing their songs in the basement. However, none of them got any attraction so they started changing up the scenery but that didn't help either. Mackie filmed Bill dropping a speaker on his foot and posted it as a joke. The clip was successful and became their most popular post, so they completely changed their formula and quickly built a following. But the band soon realized they weren't getting their music out so they reinstate back to music. They lost a lot of followers as a result which lead to quitting social media entirely and focus on making music videos.

Diper Överlöde44

The band went through Metallichihuahua's old videos for inspiration. They focused their attention on one of Metallichihuahua's viral video called "Dog Eat Dog." and analyzed the root cause of its popularity. The band went through ideas to transcend the video but many had issues they couldn't get past.

Eventually, they acknowledged that they needed to record a song first. Greg said Löded Diper has recorded their songs in the past, but never had professional equipment to do so. They once used Manny Heffley's Teensy Tunes Recorder, but the playback wasn't very good -- also, Susan had deleted everything they had recorded after Manny played their music at preschool.[8]

At the end of the book, Mackie and Drew leave the band, with Mackie being accepted into a robotics school and Drew taking his brother's former job at a supermarket deli. Meanwhile, Bill rejoins after being fired from Stank. It is also implied that Rodrick's friend, Ward, and Drew's brother become permanent members of the band.


In the band's first appearance, Greg explains it's backstory and thought not having to stay at home and listening to Löded Diper was one of the positive things about having soccer practice. [9]

The band was still practicing after Greg and Frank returned home from soccer. Greg says the band doesn't play real music as everyone does their own thing and Bill would yell out "Rock and Roll" every once in a while.[10] This time Frank didn't think of playing classical music to get rid of the group of teenagers outside until later.

Rodrick also wants Ann and Frank give him the money that they planned to use for sending him to college as he knows his band is going to be successful. Frank supported Rodrick's idea while Ann kept trying to convince him otherwise.[11]

Known songs[]

In Diper Överlöde, Greg said Löded Diper recorded over fifty songs.

Explöded Diper


Diper Överlöde songs[]

  • One-Wiper (mentioned in Diper Överlöde)

    Can You Smell Us Now?

  • Diper Igniter (mentioned in Diper Överlöde)
  • Potty Mouth (mentioned in Diper Överlöde)
  • Leaky Kamade (mentioned in Diper Överlöde)
  • Down the Drain (mentioned in Diper Överlöde)
  • Monkey House (mentioned in Diper Överlöde)
  • The Runs (mentioned in Diper Överlöde)
  • Raise a Stink (mentioned in Diper Överlöde)
  • Smell Test (mentioned in Diper Överlöde)
  • Stink It Up (mentioned in Diper Överlöde)
  • Toilet Lips (mentioned in Diper Överlöde)
  • Bloated Diper (mentioned in Diper Överlöde)

Band members[]


  • According to Rowley Jefferson, some of the band's songs include curse words in them.
  • The band's name was inspired by real-life rock bands Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe. Both bands have archaic spellings just like Löded Diper. In The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book, Rodrick makes more examples of how he creates band names and tells the reader that they owe him a hundred bucks if they use it.
  • Jeff Kinney said on Twitter that he's working on a Rodrick spin-off book that'll explain the origins of Löded Diper in more detail.[citation needed]
  • Löded Diper seems to be really good at targeting the audience when teenagers can be seen hanging out in the Heffley's driveway in Rodrick Rules and the band has been hired several times.
  • The "ö" in Löded Diper is German.
  • According to the Original Sketchbook, Löded Diper was originally going to be called "Diaper Whip" and "Bad Fart".




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