“Hey, leave the rocking to us, okay? It's what we do.”
―Rodrick to Greg at Heather Hills' Sweet 16 in the third film

Löded Diper
Loded Diper van.PNG
The band's van.

Löded Diper (actually spelled "Loaded Diaper") is a band that is founded by Rodrick. Its main appearance is in Rodrick Rules. Additionally, the drum set appears in Cabin Fever and The Long Haul and the van appears in Cabin Fever and Double Down.


When Rodrick Heffley attended middle school, he became best friends with Chris and Ward, both who were future members.

According to Greg, Rodrick met Bill while camping the night before a concert. He had previously been voted "Most Likely to Be a Rock Star" in a class yearbook before, hence why Rodrick added him into the band.

It's commonly thought that the band's spelling is to look cool; however, Greg suspects that Rodrick genuinely doesn't know how to spell properly and also thinks Rodrick is the worst speller in the house. This may be true, as Rodrick spelled Sweetie as "Sweaty".

In the first movie, there are three unnamed members that doesn't look like Chris, Bill Walter, or Ben..

In the movie, Rodrick Rules, Rodrick kicks out Bill after performing Explöded Diper. The reason is before performing it, Bill tried to kick Rodrick out of the band. In Dog Days, Greg and Rowley volunteered as roadies for the band to perform at Heather Hills' Sweet 16.

Known Original Songs

Band members


  • According to Rowley, some of the band's songs have swear words in them.
  • The band's name was inspired by British rock band Def Leppard and American rock band Mötley Crüe. Both bands have archaic spellings just like Löded Diper. In The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book, Rodrick makes more examples of how he creates band names and tells the reader that they owe him a hundred bucks if they use it.


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