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Julie Webber is a girl in Greg Heffley's grade at Westmore Middle School. She makes cameos in The Ugly Truth and Cabin Fever, but she's not formally identified until The Third Wheel. She is in Greg's homeroom.


The Ugly Truth[]

During the Facts of Life unit in Health class, Julie is visible when Nurse Powell hands out eggs to all the kids in the class for an assignment.[1] She is presumably able to keep her egg safe overnight, along with all the other girls in the class.

Cabin Fever[]

Julie is shown sitting behind Greg who is being distracted by the kids outside having recess meanwhile he is in class trying to pay attention.[2]

The Third Wheel[]

Julie was identified when Greg said that she may be one of the girls in his grade that Evan Whitehead hasn't kissed, as she has been going out with Ed Norwell since the fifth grade. However, he hears that their relationship has been a little rocky recently, so he has been doing whatever he can to speed things along, such as whispering to Julie that she "can do better" than Ed to encourage her to break up with him.[3]


  • Within the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Julie is notable for having a nearly identical appearance as Holly Hills with the sole exception of her hair color. In addition, she wears a light shirt and dark pants in nearly all her appearances with the exception of her cameo in The Ugly Truth.




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